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Program Guide
The KACS-KACW Program Guide is updated frequently.
Check back often for the current lineup.

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Short Features                               Time                 
Answers w/ Ken Ham                            
M-F 6:15a; 2:45 p
Back to Genesis
M-F 4:30a; 10:30a
Bible Minute
M-F 10:30a; 2:46p :60
Breakpoint M-F 6:45a 3:00
Creation Moment M-F 1:30a; 1:15p :60
Diamonds in the Dust w/Joni M-F 3:45a; 3:45p :60
Every Word w/John Bradshaw M-F 12:15a; 4:30a; 12:45p :60
Family Comedy Minute
M-F  8:32a; 4:15p
Family Minute M-F 1:45a; 7:15a :60
Free Indeed M-F 2:15a; 4:30p :60
Haven Now M-F 2:45a; 9:30a :60
Homeword Snapshot M-F  8:30a 2:00
Insights w/Chuck Swindoll M-F  4:15a; 11:45a; 4:45p :60
Laugh Again w/Phil Callaway M-F 7:30a; 6:30p :60
Making Your Life Count M-F 2:30a; 10:15a :60
Mercy Minute M-F 1:15a; 11:30a; 1:30p :60
Mission Network News M-F 5:30p :60
My Money Life M-F  12:15p; 5:45p :60
Parenting Today's Teens w/ Mark Gregston M-F  7:15a; 6:45p :60
Proverbs 31 Ministry M-F 8:15a; 3:15p :60
Real Family Life M-F 4:45a; 8:45a; 7:01p 1:30
Seed Time & Harvest w/Rodney Beiber M-F 12:45a; 6:30a; 3:30p :60
The Point M-F  3:30a; 7:45a; 2:30p :60
Upwords w/Max Lucado M-F 12:30a; 6:31a; 3:31p :60
Winning At Home w/Dan Seaborn M-F 9:15a; 2:15p; 6:15p :60
Women Today M-F 9:45a 1:30

Full Length Programs                      
Time Length
Afterglow (Johnson) Sat 10:00p 30:00
Between the Lines M-F 5:30a; 10:00p 15:00
Bible Answers Live (Bachelor) Sun 7:00p 60:00
Family Life Today (Rainey) M-F 8:00p; Sun 5:30p 30:00
Focus on the Family (Daly) M-F 8:30p; Sun 6:00p 30:00
God's Great Outdoors Sun 5:00p 30:00
Good Word (WWU Theology Dept) Fri 9:00p; Sat 6:45p 15:00
Haven Now (Morris) M-F 5:00a; Sat 10:00a; Sun 9:30p 30:00
Homeword Weekend Sat 9:00p 30:00
Insights for Living (Swindoll) M-F 7:30p; Sun 11:00a 30:00
It Is Written Sat 10:30a; Sun 5:30a; 10:00 p 30:00
More Abundant Life (Phipps) Sun 11:30a 25:00
New Life "Live" (satellite delay) M-Th 9:00p; Sun 8:00p 60:00
Prayer Time (KACS) M-F 5:45a; Noon; 11:30p 15:00
Science, Scripture & Salvation Fri 9:15p; Sat 6:30p 15:00
Parenting Today's Teens Sun 9:00p 30:00
Wonders of the Word Sat 11:00a 30:00





Family Story Programs                                                             
Time Length:
Adventures In Odyssey   M-F  7:02p; Sat 7:00p; Sun 8:00a                  30:00
Bible in Living Sound Sat 7:35a 15:00
Down Gilead Lane Sat 7:30a; Sun 8:30a 30:00
Family Radio Theatre Fri 9:30p; Sat 7:00a 30:00
Lamplighter Theatre Sat 5:00p; Sun 7:30a 30:00
Your Story Hour Sat 8:00a 30:00
Unshackled Nightly 10:30p 30:00
Music Shows Time Length:
Classic Christian Gold Sat 4:00p; Sun 3:00p 60:00
Country Gospel Hour (KACS) Sun 4:00p; Sat 9:00p 60:00
Empower Praise (archival) Sat/Sun 3:00p; 11:00p 60:00
Gaither Homecoming Sat 8:00p 60:00

News:  Most hours begin with USA-Radio News or Mission Network News