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  • Matt Hybarger

  • Comment: LOVE the station! Great mix of music and the Word! Awesome on air talent.. great to listen to online! Blessings!
    Date: 2014-Jul-16
  • Donna

  • Comment: I am giving a small gift in support of KACS. It isn't much, but I truly do appreciate all that you do. I also believe in the power of prayer, and have asked numerous times over the years to be included in your prayer time. Thanks to all who have prayed for me and my family. Keep up the great work you are doing. God bless you.
    Date: 2014-Jul-15
  • AL

  • Comment: Dear KACS staff I was blessed to receive tickets in the contest drawing! Thank you so much for the Creation Fest tickets! Again, I have been blessed! My son and his friend are going to go, they both love Creation Fest and have gone several times while it was in Enumclaw, but couldn't afford to go this year- until now! My son hopes to make a a career in music and is very grateful to once again be able to attend Creation Fest! I love your station and I so appreciate being able to win! Thank you, Your Faithful listener & prayer partner.
    Date: 2014-Jul-15
  • s

  • Comment: Dear all of you! Thank you for being there for our listening pleasure and all of your love to us and praise to God. We love you all!
    Date: 2014-Jul-08
  • Audrey

  • Comment: Dear KACS staff Having won your Father's Day drawing has been such a wonderful experience! I feel so blessed and am enjoying the books, CDs, DVDs and really looking forward to the fishing trip! Thank you for your outreach to our community.
    Date: 2014-Jul-01
  • Dawn

  • Comment: Thanks for your prayers and, as always, for the encouraging music and programs on KACS-KACW.
    Date: 2014-Jun-24
  • JA

  • Comment: I love your station. Some of the programs that I especially enjoy are New Life Live, Focus On The Family, Unshackled, and Family Radio Theatre. I would appreciate the website adding a list of the last five songs played so that I can get the artist name and song title of songs I hear and want to buy on Itunes. Thank you so much. God bless you. (EDITOR'S NOTE: Great idea, JA! We have long wanted to add the active music list feature. It will take programming the code, linking it to our station's network computer's, and getting them to play nice together. It will also require the resources, personnel and time to do it. So far we've not had enough of any of the three to get it done.)
    Date: 2014-Jun-11
  • patticaudle

  • Comment: I first found you searching the dial for some soothing music to end a very stressful day at work. I had just re-found my Christian roots and rededicated my life to the Lord. After finding you, I stayed for the music, prayer, programs, and nuggets of wisdom dispensed through the day. I love you KACS, and sincerely hope others are as blessed as I am by your presence. That is why I donate monthly to your station. It blesses so many! God bless you all for what you do for us. Patti
    Date: 2014-Jun-04
  • am

  • Comment: Hope this helps a little with your current crisis. We enjoy the station alot. The spirit of humility and of joy are evident! Thanks again. We pray God repairs the breakdown so you are even stronger than before.
    Date: 2014-May-12
  • Amber

  • Comment: Thank for providing a "happy" Christian radio station. I listen many days while commuting to Arlington. I get so tired of other stations who play the same regurgitated stuff. I enjoy your variety and mellow song options. Thank you KACS-KACW for all you do.
    Date: 2014-May-08
  • Sue H.

  • Comment: I have been listening for over 9 years. KACS continues to lift me closer to God every day with the wonderful music and commentary. KACS is always keeping up on the newest songs yet also plays the good older songs. Thank you all for bringing great Christian music to Lewis County and beyond!
    Date: 2014-Apr-21
  • Kathy

  • Comment: Thank you so much, KACS, for your help with our 3rd Annual Diaper Drive. It is because of you Pope's Kids Place Respite Care Center will receive this gift. Tallying all cash and product donations, we brought in the equivalent of 10,587 diapers! Last year's total was 2,427 diapers...WOW! What a difference!! It is my hope that we can watch this campaign continue to grow year after year and we have the opportunity to help other agencies like Pope's Kids Place. We could not have done it without your help!
    Date: 2014-Apr-08
  • Shawn

  • Comment: KACS 90.5 fm is heard in Botwood, Newfoundland. Canada via the world wide web. The sound quality is perfect. I love your programming and the music, keep up the great work. Shawn; Botwood,Newfoundland,Canada
    Date: 2014-Apr-04
  • mw

  • Comment: Dear Friends @ KACS The quilters at "In Stitches" would like to thank you very much for reminding your listeners about our show! We had over 600 people there and raised alot of money for the Christian School. This year's money will be used to install a new play toy for the early childhood area. Your generosity to us is greatly appreciated. God Bless you!
    Date: 2014-Mar-19
  • cm

  • Comment: God bless you for this wonderful uplifting radio station, it helps me get through my day and all night long when I need God's presence. The DJ's are God-inspired - love all of you!
    Date: 2014-Mar-19
  • gt

  • Comment: I never turn off your station on my bedside radio. Well, it was off once when I moved, but otherwise it's been playing KACS 24 hrs a day for several years now.
    Date: 2014-Mar-10
  • Katy

  • Comment: I really liked the thoughts I heard just now about sharing each others burdens and the example using 2 tractors as a team. When I grew in Maine we had county fairs and one of the events was horse pulling using work horses. Singles couldn't pull nearly as well as a team of horses. I also remember I hated watching the masters of the horses who used whips and yelling to work the horses they didn't do nearly as well as the ones who worked their horses with words of encouragement! Thanks for the connection to scripture. Blessings and Love.
    Date: 2014-Mar-07
  • JH

  • Comment: Thank you for airing the PSA regarding Lyme Disease. I have never heard a radio air such a timely and important issue. Thanks for all you do!
    Date: 2014-Mar-05
  • DH

  • Comment: Thank you for Haven, Ken Davis comedy in the morning, quotes from the Bible, the words of Jesus ("I Love You"..."), and so much wonderful music.
    Date: 2014-Feb-27
  • LC

  • Comment: I wanted to let you know that as a long-time listener to KACS-KACW I very much appreciate the emphasis that comes across to me from your ministry and service. I hear a constant focus on Jesus, and an emphasis on compassion and mutual love among God's children. You show leadership in that in many ways, and it comes clearly through to us as listeners. One way, for example is your willingness to pray for so many people with all kinds of needs. The sincerity and love come through every day. I try to listen each morning, and then again in the noon hour if I don't catch the entire prayer time in the morning. Thank you for taking the prayer requests, and including us every day. I've listened for a long time, but have not taken the time to share my comments until now. God bless you.
    Date: 2014-Feb-22
  • Katy

  • Comment: KACS has blessed me again via KACS! Thank you for playing Paul Baloche~after being stopped dead in my socks with his song "Glorious"! I went to You Tube and researched him~gratefully his music has filled a void in me for worship music and I'm so impressed at his joy of sharing what he's been given by The Lord! Amazing Grace and Love! Blessings and Love, Katy
    Date: 2014-Feb-20
  • GB

  • Comment: God bless all of you, spreading God's word!
    Date: 2014-Feb-18
  • BN

  • Comment: I again want to thank you for all your team does at KACS-KACW. I start and end my day with this local station and service. When my alarm goes off in the morning I stay in bed to listen to the early morning devotional programs with Mr. Morris and Mr. Pate. Then I listen and pray with Cameron during the morning prayer. I listen off and on throughout the day, and it's the last thing I hear before falling asleep. It helps keep my mind on Jesus rather than the cares of this world, and brings peaceful thoughts. Thank you for keeping the focus where it should be for the listeners.
    Date: 2014-Feb-13
  • N. D.

  • Comment: Thank you for the Laugh All Night Comedy Concert with Nazareth. Our family really enjoyed it. I commute each morning along Interstate 5, and listen along the way. I have heard the Family Comedy Minute, and it makes my morning. It's a short little boost and bright spot of the morning. Thanks for bringing them here for the concert. We appreciate all that you do.
    Date: 2014-Jan-25
  • Patti C.

  • Comment: I so enjoy your uplifting talk shows like Focus on the Family, Chuck Swindoll, and others who teach about Gods will and how to apply it in our lives. The humerous moments lighten my day while keeping my mind on the Lord. It thrills my heart to hear how people's lives have been changed by listening to KACS. I feel proud to be able to contribute financially to your support. I want to keep you on the air! Blessings to all of you who work so hard to make KACS-KACW a success.
    Date: 2014-Jan-23
  • Jerome

  • Comment: It was a surprise to hear Switchfoot's latest song on KACS last night as I was headed to the gas station from work. This new Switchfoot record is their best yet. Typically they have an edgier sound from previous records. More alternative. Now you just need to play Thousand Foot Krutch, Red, Demon Hunter... :o) Now in all seriousness again, I applaud you for playing music that to some may feel out of the norm for KACS's format that brings the message you are ultimately desiring to communicate that could encourage and change lives.
    Date: 2014-Jan-22
  • Tommi

  • Comment: Words seem inadequate to thank you sufficiently for your prayers for me and mine after the unexpected death of my 48-year-old son, Michael, the day after Christmas. I had no idea you would pray more than once when I submitted my request and was so humbled and thankful when I heard repeated prayer in my behalf during the noon prayer times. I truly do feel like part of the family. THANK YOU SO MUCH -- and GOD BLESS YOU.
    Date: 2014-Jan-19
  • AG

  • Comment: 12/24/13 Dear Staff at 90.5 FM, As Christmas is quickly approaching, we wanted to thank you all for the wonderful prizes (including a grand prize) that my husband had recently won on your radio. The books, cd's & dvds were beyond generosity and all so inspiring. Your uplifting music and messages are a mainstay for our family. Thank you for sharing Jesus to the world. The diligent effort will pay off immeasurably in Heaven!
    Date: 2014-Jan-03
  • Katy

  • Comment: Just to let you know that the interviews you are doing for the Friday segments are so good! Last weeks' from the ladies at Twin Cities Shelter reminded me of the importance of helping teach those that maybe never had training in how to be responsible for themselves. My choice to live alone after wrong choices came with the realization that I am responsible ~ there is no one else but me to take care of every day living things. The cats don't get fed if I don't feed them, the house doesn't take care of itself~I do, etc. (To my horror I found out early on that if I don't deal with a spider in my presence I can't cry for help. Since that 1st realization, I've made a deal with spiders you can be outside in your territory but I'll kill you if you come in my space inside! :o) Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't but I'm not terrified by them any more!) Anyway, today's interview coupled with your last interview with the shelter people for the homeless were great. (I knew a few homeless in Centralia when I lived there before coming to Rochester) The interviews gave me a new understanding of why it's so important to me to support KACS like I do and why God honors my giving even when I'm not sure how that can be on my limited funds. By giving to KACS I reach the whole community of Christ's body, something I can't do by giving to all those phone calls requesting funding that leave me feeling bad and irritated. By giving to KACS I put my donation into the hands of good stewards in God's economy and feel that it really does make a difference. Thank you KACS! I love you dearly.
    Date: 2014-Jan-02
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