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  • kathy

  • Comment: Thanks for being so welcoming to us today at the studio. My son, Steven, was really excited in the car on the way home. We heard your voice over the air, and he said, "Mom, is that like REALLY him?!" I told him it was, and he said, "Wow!" Then we passed the Pacific cataract institute, and he said, "Look, Mom! They always announce that place, don't they." Meeting you brightened his day, and that made me smile too. You know, being a teenager is a very difficult time, and I don't often see him get excited about feeling specially privileged. You are as sincere in person as on the air, and that is really neat. I would love to have you add the announcement about our Celebrate Recovery meeting. I truly meant what I said today about enjoying listening to you on air. Your voice is soothing and the way you DJ comes across as relaxed and uplifting during what is often a day filled with stress. I was so excited to win the Steven Curtis Chapman CD, the books, and also the narrated historical documents. Only the Lord knew that I am having the children memorize those documents in our homeschool. You can imagine what a blessing having those prizes will be to us. I received a hug from the Lord in that way after winning by giving you one over the air :-) Thanks again for your faithful ministry to all of us who listen to KACS. I hope you are encouraged daily that you are making a difference in the lives of others. Sincerely, Kathy
    Date: 27-Dec-2007
  • Leah

  • Comment: Dear KACS family, My family is one of the many "flood families" in the area. God IS working for good through this disaster in so many ways. My boys, dog, and I have been staying with my parents in Tacoma while my husband has been saving the house and helping the neighbors as he can. The best part of my countless drives back and forth from one "home" to the other is when I get close enough to Centralia to tune in to KACS on my car radio. Then I know I am truly home! -- Leah, Centralia WA
    Date: 17-Dec-2007
  • Susan

  • Comment: We are use to the usual Christmas lights this time of year, but this year there is a different kind of light. Not much attention is paid to the \"OPEN\" sign in the window of a business. But to the businesses that were flooded, that sign is a sign of courage, hope and faith. Behind the lighting of that sign is lot of hard dirty work. Please stop in- buy something if you can, use our services, or just say “Glad to see you are open”, it would mean a lot to us. Please include us in your prayers Susan Centralia
    Date: 17-Dec-2007
  • Emmanuel

  • Comment: Hello from Africa and the Ivory Coast. I am glad to find your website. I want to be a music listener. Thank you.
    Date: 03-Dec-2007
  • Augustine

  • Comment: From Freetown in Sierra Leone, I greet you in the precious and wonderful name of Jesus our Lord and Saviour. Listening to your daily broadcast revives my soul, and encourages me to draw near to you through your internet service. The days we live in are evil, and it is good to share our religious beliefs that one must be born again to recieve the saviour. He alone can give us the pass and mark for the judgement day. Stay blest folks.
    Date: 28-Nov-2007
  • Kathy K.

  • Comment: Dear KACS, We are homeschoolers, and we live in Rochester. We have poor reception for any station other than yours. It comes through loud and clear. We don't do satellite or cable tv, so it is a huge blessing to have 90.5 to listen to anytime of day. I love your programs. Adventures in Odyssey is of course my children's favorite along with the Down Gilead Lane show. I love the short messages about family, marriage and parenting, and the talk shows which are entertaining and informative. However, my all time favorite show has got to be Unshackled. It plays when I am alone and on my way home some nights, and it is a wonderful reminder of my own past and God's amazing amazing work in my life. Thank you, KACS. We haven't been the faithful givers we had hoped, but I thank God for your spirit filled programs. I know I am just one of many many many people whose lives were changed when listening to Unshackled. Though I listened to it on another station that used to be broadcast in our area, I am so glad you are now playing it. I accepted Christ moments after just such a broadcast, and I've never been the same since. I sincerely hope my letter encourages you. This is a long tough fight in a cold dark world, and we need to be lifting up those who are lighting up the airwaves with warmth, guidance, and strength!!! THANK YOU~ I will give again very soon, as writing to you reminded me of another way to be encouraging. With all my heart Kathy
    Date: 27-Nov-2007
  • anonymous

  • Comment: Thanks for the Christmas music as we begin our family celebrations this Thanksgiving. I especially enjoyed the song you played this morning about the man going into the woods to hunt for a Christmas tree. (Bruce Guthro, Boy from the Woods). It reminded me so much of looking for our tree each year when I was young. Then the special ending of the song really got me. I hope to find a copy of the song and learn it to sing at our church this season. Your programs and music are always something new and inspiring. Thanks again, and God bless you.
    Date: 21-Nov-2007
  • Flora

  • Comment: I have been acquainted with your ministry for many years. Although my husband and I do not have children, your broadcasts of Focus on the Family, have blessed us more than you can imagine. You have made us aware of concerns that we would never have known about otherwise. We have heard about authors and experts through your programs. I've spent countless hours on my morning commute listening to your broadcasts laughing, crying, but most of all learning about the Lord I love by watching him work through His people. Thank you so much for what you do. God bless you!!
    Date: 20-Nov-2007
  • Mike

  • Comment: I heard Cameron inviting us to call in or e- mail our own Praise Reports for the KACS Prayer Line. I have one. On the 3rd of September I had my 49th birthday, and my mother in law gave me $50. I have friends who have a mentally challenged son who is an adult. They have taken such loving care of him that I was impressed to get them a gift certificate from a local restaurant for a night out on their own. I sent it with a note saying I new it wasn't much, but maybe they could go out for coffee and pie as a treat for themselves. Then someone at church gave my wife $200, "because of all the things she does for everyone." There's just no way to outgive God! It's amazing that some people wonder if God exists. I KNOW he does! KACS, thanks for your encouragement and service!
    Date: 06-Nov-2007
  • B.

  • Comment: Thank you for your prayer time each day. I enjoy the Praise reports too, and heard Cameron asking for comments. I just want to join in by saying I'm feeling good about life. I went through a difficult divorce, and it is now finalized. But God has been there for me through every step. Now I'm making new friends, and am just thankful to God for his blessings.
    Date: 06-Nov-2007
  • Brian

  • Comment: I just moved to the area to be near family, and am very grateful for your radio station. It's a difficult time for me right now, and your station keeps me going. I've always loved Christian music, and I appreciate your station. I really enjoyed your "God's Steward Ship" series, and it spoke to my heart. I've never heard the issue of stewardship taught that way before. It made me think about it more, and sounded very biblical and right. Thanks also for your website and the community calendar. I like being able to go to the website to check the details of what I've heard. I have used to to go and visit other churches and events and hear more good Christian music. Thank you for your gentle ways of teaching us listeners about God's word, and for your service to us all.
    Date: 02-Nov-2007
  • June

  • Comment: God's love is so majestically and awesomely expressed through your radio station, the music you play is a soothing balm to our often weary and hungry souls, just right for every mood we are in, and we are refreshed, strengthened to go the next mile. Timely messages, encouragements and exhortations. The programs are well scheduled, well chosen and they are truly relevant. We thank God for your presence in our lives, we praise God for His anointing upon your radio ministry and pray for more years of faithful and prayerfully 'louder' service to the community. The minute we are out of your signal range, my husband and I simply just switch off the radio because it's just not the same without KACS. So we use that time to pray or talk about what we heard, sing the music, and as soon as we know we are in your range, we turn on our radio and there you are...... Praise God! Keep on pressing on, you are making a difference in peoples' lives. We are praying for you always. You are a rare and true blessing to God and to us. May He bless you even more....
    Date: 02-Nov-2007
  • Anonymous

  • Comment: I want to thank you for being on the air and doing what you do. I am a fairly new listener to your radio station -- 34 years old and happily married as mother of two beautiful pre-teens. My routine has been to listen to secular talk radio on my morning commute to work, usually some sort of edgy "shock jock" program to make me laugh. One day I switched stations, and there you were -- I was entertained by and interested in everything. I particularly appreciate the Family Minute, and Focus on the Family. I enjoy everything they talk about. I love the guests, and the topics. Listening to this I feel like a new person. I've told my friends about it, and now they love it too. thanks for changing my life for the better."
    Date: 31-Oct-2007
  • Richard

  • Comment: Hello, I heard about the audiobook versions of "Talking About Old Times" just now, and was wanting to get information about how to order it from the station. I think it would be a wonderful resource for my boys. We are homeschooling them, and I want them to have a feel for the history of the area. Since both their mother and I grew up in different areas of the state, we're not much help on local history for them. Thank you in advance for your assistance in this! Thank you for your wonderful programming and local information as well. The radio in my car is hardly ever tuned into any other station. Yours is a wonderful ministry that we are very thankful for. May God shower his blessings on you & yours. Richard Weeks NOTE: "Talking Over Old Times Vol. I & II are available from KACS in gift audiobook form for a suggested donation of $12 per copy. You may call 800-447-5227 to make arrangements for your copies. -- KACS
    Date: 23-Oct-2007
  • Mike

  • Comment: I recently pledged during sharathon and agreed to some extra for a signal upgrade. I\'m curious about the amount needed and the anticipated time line for that. Could you please fill me in? May God Bless you all for your ministry. God Is Good All The Time NOTE: Applications for upgrades in several areas are already filed with the FCC. Once these applications are approved, then building/installing them will proceed as funds allow. Approval can take from several months to a couple of years. Expenses are already being incurred through the application process -- KACS
    Date: 17-Oct-2007
  • Shirley

  • Comment: Thanks for the Sharathon report! We were praying with you and are so delighted to hear that God has seen fit to assure KACS of His care for another year! I believe that the community outreach things you are doing are making a difference in people's ownership of the station. Glory to God for the creative ideas, energy and committment He has given each of you, and for each of the loving volunteers that boost KACS through the year.
    Date: 16-Oct-2007
  • steve

  • Comment: Love hearing Michael Kelly Blanchards\' \"Great Is The Lord God\" by Buddy Greene. MKB is an overlooked classic and Buddy interprets the lyric well. Thanks for tipping your hat to an overlooked classic! Listening in North Georgia
    Date: 16-Oct-2007
  • Judi

  • Comment: KACS has been a good friend watching over and guiding me for several years. When I have strayed away and then found my way back, you are always there with open arms just like Jesus. Thank you for being that unseen friend who never lets go, never judges and is always willing to help me back up on my feet when I have fallen or strayed of the path of righteousness. Please NEVER stop your great work of praise, prayer & love in the name of God.
    Date: 12-Oct-2007
  • Becky

  • Comment: It is so evident that you are spreading Gods word...the enthuisiasm of everyone during this sharathon can't be anything but contagious!!! I'm proud to be a continuing financial supporter and I find it very difficult not to listen each and everyday! Praise God for you ministry and may he bless you abundantly!
    Date: 10-Oct-2007
  • Pat

  • Comment: I love listening to your program while driving (seems I'm in the car alot!). So glad Don Trosper is part of your team. I enjoyed listening to him for years and years and glad he's back on the air. Bless you guys.
    Date: 09-Oct-2007
  • Gregory T.

  • Comment: I listen to your station via streaming audio via your website. Very convenient to be able to do this as we don't have a Christian radio station in the area where I live. By the way, I live in Gardiner, MT which is at the north entrance of Yellowstone National Park. Nearest Christian stations come out of Bozeman and Billings but no reception of them here in Gardiner. Thanks!
    Date: 19-Sep-2007
  • lauren

  • Comment: i really enjoyed listening to the readings of the chronicles of narnia after school @4 p.m. I was wondering if you would do that again. (NOTE) KACS has aired the series in its entirety four times. We do not have any current plans to rebroadcast it again. -- KACS editors
    Date: 11-Sep-2007
  • Michael H.

  • Comment: Thank you so much for bringing Fernando, Geoff and Jamie to the SWW Fair. We especially loved Fernando Ortega. His music and voice are so beautiful and peaceful. It was truly a blessing to have him here in such an intimate setting (hey the rains stopped). Those who braved the weather received a special touch from God's hand through His gift of music.
    Date: 20-Aug-2007
  • Chris M.

  • Comment: Thank you for your ministry. It sure helps make an old commuter's trip easier to deal with. Your station is one of a kind! Please keep it up!!!
    Date: 15-Aug-2007
  • Michael P.

  • Comment: Mary Alice and I are in Pickerington,Ohio. You are coming in here loud and clear on the Internet. Love in Christ. Michael.
    Date: 04-Aug-2007
  • Julie

  • Comment: Thank you for the ticket to Creation Fest in the Columbia River Gorge. I got my ticket via e-mail. We went and we had a FABULOUS time! We were so impressed that we are planning already for next year. We want to take a group of about 50 people to attend. Thank you so much for giving away these full- event tickets, giving us the opportunity to attend such a fantastic event! I appreciate KACS and what you do. We had a great time at Creation Fest, and are looking forward to next year. Again, thank you!
    Date: 03-Aug-2007
  • Bob

  • Comment: Thank you for your ministry. We want to thank you for sending us on the Family Life Today Weekend to Remember this past spring. It was very positive and encouraging.
    Date: 03-Aug-2007
  • Mary

  • Comment: Thank you for your inspiring wonderful music and programs. Keep up the good work. Thank you for the circus tickets the station gave away. It was great.
    Date: 03-Aug-2007
  • Anne

  • Comment: We heard your prayer request yesterday for the newborn boy in the ICU at TGH. He sounds just like our grandson, now 3, born early with 1/3 normal blood volume and an APGAR of 1. He spent 21 days in the ICU and was expected to have CP if he lived. He is absolutely normal now. We know how to pray for this family and will every time they come to mind. Please reassure them of our prayers. I have passed this info on to my daughter so she can pray, too. I wouldn't be surprised if even little Jonathan prayed. He is our miracle baby!
    Date: 24-Jul-2007
  • Geri

  • Comment: Thank you for bringing such a wonderful radio station to our area. Use my small donation in the area you have a great need. Thank you!
    Date: 13-Jul-2007
  • Gordon and Leslie

  • Comment: Bless you! You provide a wonderful, God-centered and uplifting station.
    Date: 11-Jul-2007
  • Ben & Oksana

  • Comment: I want to tell you how much this station has helped me. This is the best Christian station in the world! I know there is great reward in heaven for you. Our family came to the USA in 1988 as refugees. I was only 16 at that time. This has been a long journey for me, but since then I have found who Jesus is, and what God is really about. I told God that if he would perform miracles in my life, and change me, then I would be his living testimony to others. Every day I thank him for who He is and the love that I now have for him. May He be blessed over all the earth, and may his people continue to be a blessing. Thank you again.
    Date: 09-Jul-2007
  • Marj

  • Comment: I have been searching for a Christian station in my area (Shelton)for quite awhile. You are finally coming in clearer. I have been searching for \"Doug Batchelor\'s Bible Study\" and discovered him on your station. Plese send me a program guide. I have begun to support your radio ministry
    Date: 19-Jun-2007
  • Cindy

  • Comment: KACS is such a blessing to our family. Your are a benefit to the community too. I'm glad your signal has recently improved in our area near Winlock, and now we can listen on the internet too. I hope you'll keep expanding your FM signal for more people in Western Washington to hear. I'll be praying for your station to grow.
    Date: 13-Jun-2007
  • anonymous

  • Comment: I'm so glad I found KACS. I used to listen to KVSN in Olympia before they changed formats. I want to be sure your station doesn't go away. I'll be sending support whenever I can so we'll have something worth listening to. Grateful for what you do.
    Date: 13-Jun-2007
  • Katy

  • Comment: Good Morning to Cameron. You delighted me when you told us, your KACS listeners, what the words to the song "Walking Her Home" meant to you. Later in the day when Don played the song again I was drawn to the words even more than at other times. It became even more beautiful as I realized that is exactly what Jesus does throughout our days...He walks us Home! He's right by our side every step of the way. Thank you, and have a blessed day.
    Date: 13-Jun-2007
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