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  • L.W.

  • Comment: I want to thank you so much for the CD you sent to me after Sharathon. I do love those "old" hymns. I'm just getting home after having double knee surgery. I'm doing fine, and soon will be walking and feeling years younger. I'm always sorry I can't give KACS more, but I'm on a very limited income. God bless you all!
    Date: 10-Dec-2008
  • Pastor Bill & Pastor Connie

  • Comment: To our brothers and sisters at KACS 90.5. We the Praise & Worship Center wish to give you a personal "Thank You" for the air time, and great promotion that you have been blessing us with. We often get calls from your listeners. We are blessed to be serving the Lord together. Thanks for your great gift in working together to fulfill the Word of God.
    Date: 05-Dec-2008
  • Cynthia

  • Comment: I know you all might be slaves to whatever the feed is that comes to KACS from the Satellite in the sky, but, can you tell whoever is in charge that the stories on Sat and Sun are on too close a repeat pattern and why do they repeat over a weekend? (NOTE: I belive you have asked this before. Pacific Garden Mission produces one, and only one weekend edition of their Unshackled program. There are no current plans at their facility, particularly with rising costs in the present economy, to produce seperate Saturday and Sunday editions. We air the program for our listener's convenience on both days as many are not able to listen both evenings. Those who do so will continue to hear the weekend program repeated.) Also, Unshackeld at 11 PM could just start at the beginning and go one by one each day instead of having close repeats couldn't they? We are avid listeners and would like more variety...thank you for passing this on to those who control the rotations. (NOTE: The weekday programs are on a seperate schedule from the weekend editions. Each day's broadcast should we a different episode. Occasionally weekday programs are recycled from earlier recorded "classic" editions. There will be inevitable repeats at times.)
    Date: 27-Nov-2008
  • Ellen

  • Comment: Hello, I love listening to KACS, and one of my favorite programs is Haven Today, which usually comes on at 5:00 AM.Unfortunately an alien radio station called Life Talk radio has kidnapped Charles Morris the last two mornings. Is this by design, or will Charles be back? Thank You, Ellen NOTE: the Lifetalk satellite feed is temporary, and a backup for KACS should anything fail in the satellite feeds or our own local automation. Unfortunately there were program transmission problems for Mr. Morris and several others from the original source, so we needed to switch over to the backup. The beings running Lifetalk are human just like you and I, and aren't likely aliens that we know of. :o)
    Date: 25-Nov-2008
  • Kay

  • Comment: Dear Cameron & KACS. I want to thank you very much for publicizing the Women of Faith Conference held in Portland, Oregon October 2008. I so much appreciate your willingness to offer the information for the women in your station's listening area. I got several calls from women in Lewis and Thurston Counties. I always asked them how they obtained the information, and many replied that they heard about it by listening to your radio station KACS. You had a big hand in doing God's Work to get the word out to women about the Conference where saved women renew their faith, and others find our wonderful Saviour! Over 1,000 women made a first time committment to Jesus at the Conference. Blessings to you.
    Date: 19-Nov-2008
  • Randy

  • Comment: Just curious, have you considered a segment dedicated to strictly southern gospel quartets and trios? I didn\'t see anything like that in you programing directory. I know its something I enjoy and I suspect a good segment of either your listeners or potential listeners would as well. I do enjoy your programing, but think that might be an enhancement. NOTE: Evidently the listing saying Gaither Homecoming Radio show escaped your notice! :o) We follow that with the KACS County Gospel Hour. Both programs air Saturday evening beginning at 8:00 p.m. Thanks, Randy
    Date: 18-Nov-2008
  • Myrna

  • Comment: Today, Tuesday, Election Day I made the decision that I was not going to watch or listen to any exit polls or election returns...early or late. KACS was my only station, and I want to tell you how much I appreciated hearing throughout they day not only your regular songs of encouragement, but our wonderful songs of this great nation...God Bless America, America the Beautiful, etc. I heard these songs numerous times...each time bringing me to tears, and thanksgiving to God for allowing me to be born and live my life in the great nation of beauty and freedom. Again, thank you and God Bless each of you.
    Date: 05-Nov-2008
  • Judi

  • Comment: Your Sharathon crew was awesome, and have done a wonderful job this year. Now that I know I can listen to you at work on my computer, you will be an even more constant part of my life. I truly believe that God brought KACS into my life to keep me going when the gooing on here on Eartth gets a bit tough. Keep up the good work. I love you all at KACS.
    Date: 04-Nov-2008
  • Kenny

  • Comment: Good morning to everyone. I enjoy your station every morning on my short commute from Olympia to Littlerock. I teach elementary music and also two bands at Littlerock Elementary. Thanks and have a blessed day in the Lord!
    Date: 31-Oct-2008
  • Laurel

  • Comment: Goodmorning I was listening right around 9am this morning (tuesday) & heard a song that was new to me. Music List only has the top ten songs, not what & when it was played. Would it be possible to get the name of the song? It was a male singer. Thank you so much, Laurel NOTE: Not much info to go on, Laurel, so our best guess is it was Dennis Jernigan's "I Cry Holy." It helps if you can note the time, and some of the lyrics when needing to identify a song. We are trying to make sure announcers give this information at each music break through the day.
    Date: 28-Oct-2008
  • Eric

  • Comment: Can someone please tell me the artist that was played this morning at 0239 am. I hear her almost every morning at about the same time and while i love KACS's format, i wish they would tell listener's like me who it is they are playing. The only lyrics i can remember are ... "it's eternal... everlasting... for He is alive." I would appreciate a response from anyone that perhaps knows this song and artist. Thank you and keep up the otherwise great work. EDITOR's NOTE: Robert Pierre - "Eternal" Robert started recording as a Christian artist when he was 13-years old. Listen for "Faith Alone" by Robert also. We'd love to have overnight announcers, but we need one of two things; more funds or more volunteers....
    Date: 17-Sep-2008
  • Harley & Sandy

  • Comment: Thank you so much for being there every day! We've had a few ups and downs, but God has always come through everytime. Our gift to KACS is our way of saying "Thank you Jesus!"
    Date: 15-Sep-2008
  • anonymous

  • Comment: I wanted to tell you how wonderful today's broadcast was (Focus on the Family). In the last few years my brother committed suicide, my father died, and my husband and I lost everything financially. We struggle every day, but with Jesus we know we will make it. Your guest ministered to places in my heart that I thought would never be restored. My heart almost burst with joy. I felt surrounded by God's love and acceptance. I was laughing and crying and just so releived. It felt as if 100-pounds rolled off my back. Thank you so much for that broadcast. Good news indeed!
    Date: 02-Sep-2008
  • anonymous

  • Comment: I just had to call to find out more about a program I recently discovered on your station. I was listening Friday evening before bedtime, I think it was in the 9 o'clock hour, and was drawn into a program with at least two pastors discussing things from the bible. It was fascinating, and I want to find out more. I would appreciate knowing what the name of the program was so I may listen again, and can tell all my friends about it. I have already called around to several friends asking if they heard it and might know the name of it. Now we'd all like to hear more. Thank you. I'll be coming to the station for a program guide. (EDITOR's NOTE: The program you heard was The Good Word. It is produced by the Professors at Walla Walla University School of Theology. A free study guide is available from the program also.)
    Date: 27-Aug-2008
  • Richard W.
  • Web: n/a

    Comment: Love your station, the music you play, and all the great Christian content you provide. I listen to you daily on my drive from Shelton to Olympia, and really enjoy the time "we" spend on the road together. I need help getting more information on a couple community events that I heard about on the air. One was "Women of Power" on September 23, and the other was the "Parent Child Horsemanship" program in Oregon in October. I think Brenda, my wife, would really enjoy the Women of Power program, and I need more activities that let me connect with my elder son, James one-on-one. There's six & eight years between him and his younger brothers, and I'm afraid that he feels he's kind of the "odd kid out," because the three and five year-olds need so much of our attention. He's also coming to the age where he needs a more solid relationship with Dad. Thank you! Richard
    Date: 27-Aug-2008
  • Amber

  • Comment: I don't know if you guys have an artist for next year's fair, but I would like to suggest somebody! Shane & Shane! Not only would it be an awesome concert, it would be an even more awesome worship service!!! EDITOR's NOTE: Hey Amber! Thanks for the suggestion. Let's hope more listeners will follow your lead and offer their suggestions too. Some others recently suggested include David Crowder Band, Third Day, FFH, Point of Grace, and Big Daddy Weave.
    Date: 07-Aug-2008
  • larry w

  • Comment: found your station after web search for "nightsounds " with bill pearce, a show I listened to and enjoyed yrs ago in yakima,what a blessing ! also "unshackled " is an old favorite also. Just like the BIBLE , these shows are great christian teaching that are always exactly up to date, no matter how long ago they were originated. god bless you all.
    Date: 25-Jul-2008
  • Laurie S.

  • Comment: I would love to share a beautiful ending to a sad story which unfolded near KACS in Hoquiam in Oct. of 2005. My big brother and his colleague were killed by a log truck that lost its load on his car. It sent me into a period of deep grief...By His amazing grace, God has given me great healing by sending me a song called "You're in Heaven." It is my prayer that this song would encourage other survivors to go on in their loved ones honor! Thanks for your ministry and God's best to you all! Laurie
    Date: 21-Jul-2008
  • Tree of Life Christian Outlet

  • Comment: IN RESPONSE TO RECENT BIBLES FOR AFRICA PROMOTION: Okay, can I just say "Wow!" Without KACS we would never have sold so many bibles to send to Africa. The Centralia store lead the entire company, and we have KACS to thank. God bless you. KACS Rocks! Debbie, Sarah, and Rick -- Tree of Life Christian Outlet.
    Date: 17-Jul-2008
  • Jeane

  • Comment: We got a new antenna for our radio, and now we can enjoy your programs. You are a blessing!
    Date: 16-Jul-2008
  • Ginny

  • Comment: I appreciate your program offerings. However, I do wish you'd identify the artist(s)by name and the song's title. To do otherwise is a bit like having a studio guest without introducing that person to the radio audience. Anyway, I have twice heard a song on weekends, and still do not know the title or artist. Perhaps the following clues will jog your memory, and you will let me know who it is. The vocalist is female; the music is a bluegrass sound. Two oft repeated lines that I've unsuccessfully googled in hopes of finding the title are, " . . .is the door standing open for me", and " . . . tell me where am I now". I last heard it played on Sunday, June 30th. If you recall this artist or song, would you please e-mail me? Thank you much, Ginny. Ed NOTE: Good suggestion Ginny! We are hoping the resources will grow to where we can afford to pay for weekend announcers, or we can recruit and train reliable volunteers as weekend hosts. Until then the weekend music remains unnannounced.
    Date: 02-Jul-2008
  • Anonymous

  • Comment: Could you please let me know the song, artist, CD – first song played in the 6:00am hour on 6/24. I thought you said Jamie Slocum. KACS is such as blessing. It is to me “Old School” Christian Radio. With the teaching programs and the prayer time daily, commercial free by God’s grace, mercy and blessing, KACS has brought the "Christian" back into Christian Radio.
    Date: 27-Jun-2008
  • keijo

  • Comment: Hello. I am listening on line to your station. God has promises that he will move heaven and earth, and make new heaven and the new earth with his power. How this will look? Only the Lord can only answer this, and many other diffcult questions. So let us go on with power, and win the sinners hearts to him. I pray for your City's salvation. Thanks, and blessings and hope. Keijo, Sweden
    Date: 20-Jun-2008
  • Williams Family

  • Comment: We are currently grieving our loss, and this is also an extremely personal and private time for us. The Lord fully knows and understands our situation. He in His Divine wisdom has provided KACS 90.5 as a place of refuge and refreshment. We are "hooked" on KACS and any time we don't tune in we experience "withdrawal" symptoms! You will never know how much KACS has ministered to us. Corrie Ten Boon said, "There is no pit so deep that His love is not deeper still." We feel that love over the air waves as we listen to KACS.
    Date: 19-Jun-2008
  • Katy

  • Comment: Cameron and everyone at KACS, thank you for the wonderful Praise & Prayer Day and the glory to God and His beloved son, Jesus Christ! What a blessing in the music after reaching the FriendRaiser goal! I love all of you in our KACS Family and friends.
    Date: 23-May-2008
  • Jim

  • Comment: Since moving to California we have been looking for a Christian radio station to listen to that is uplifting, encouraging and inspiring. We found none. So, we turned to the internet and found you(KACS). We appreciate your ministry so much we use your station in our classes at our little Christian school. It is on during Bible classes, writing classes, lunch periods, before and after school hours in our teacher lounge and daycare center. Thanks so much for being on the internet!
    Date: 23-Apr-2008
  • Alayna S.

  • Comment: What can I say? I appreciate your radio station and ministry immensely! It makes me feel loved and welcome! It's more personal than the bigger stations out there. Keep up the good and Godly work your doing. God bless you!
    Date: 22-Apr-2008
  • Jerome

  • Comment: Hi Cameron & KACS, This morning I had a situation that brought me to tears. I was out in my backyard doing some work, and the song "Father" by Jadon Lavik kept going through my mind...I come in the house and turn on KACS and the song begins..."Father" by Jadon Lavik!...AWESOME!! God bless you.
    Date: 15-Apr-2008
  • Erin

  • Comment: I grew up in Chehalis, married a Canadian and moved across the continent to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada above New York State. I recently discovered that I can listen to KACS again via the internet while I'm at work! It has been wonderful to still share in a little bit of "home," and be uplifted and encouraged by your radio station. I have heard the song, "God will take care of You" several times. Thanks for letting me know who it is by. Thank you and keep up the good work.
    Date: 24-Mar-2008
  • In Stitiches & Stitch 'n Go Quilt Groups

  • Comment: Thank you for the many announcements about our quilt show. With your help we raised over $8000 for the Centralia Christian School Library. That is the exact amount needed for the new shelves. God knew what we needed -- He is so faithful! Thanks again for your part.
    Date: 13-Mar-2008
  • Jan

  • Comment: I was seperated from my husband when a friend from work told me to listen to your radio station and Focus on the Family. The programs helped me to remember what God says about marriage and family. I asked my husband to listen as well. When he couldn't, I wrote down notes from the broadcasts for him. We also purchased a book on relationships and started going through it. We have been back together for over a year now, and I am very committed to my family. I had fallen into a cycle of working extra hours in order to obtain material things I wanted. Now I know that the only thing that really matters is having my family together. Thank you for everything that you do."
    Date: 06-Mar-2008
  • Anonymous

  • Comment: Thank you for helping me find the title of the book I called for. I have ordered the book now. I don't normally listen to the radio in the evening, but for some reason last night I turned the radio on. The radio was on KACS, and the program that came on was talking about suicide. You see, my nephew just committed suicide recently. My brother, father of the boy, heard the same program on another station down in California. He called me this morning to share what he had heard. It was the same thing. I'm so glad you guys are here. KACS is such a blessing. God is ALWAYS in control, and knows who need to hear what and when. This is His radio station. Thank you.
    Date: 06-Mar-2008
  • Lorna

  • Comment: Thanks for all the good radio programs. I love the "old Hymns" ('cause I'm old!). Don Trosper is a favorite. Marilyn is super special. Yes, you too Mr. Beierle, though I guess you are not related to the Beierle's I used to know in the 70's in Kirkland. God bless all of you and KACS. Iam sending one of my favorite devotional thoughts to you also. "Lord, I'm grateful that you will never turn away from me. You hold the solution to every situation. You will provide the hope I need."
    Date: 04-Mar-2008
  • Kristi

  • Comment: Just wanted to say your web site looks wonderful! Keep up the good work.... in all that you do! ~ Kristi
    Date: 19-Feb-2008
  • Morris

  • Comment: I'm calling after talking again with Eric Pelz, Chaplain at the Maple Lane Detention Center mentoring program. He said I should share with you what I told him. I want you to know what an incredible blessing KACS has been to me. Your station is making a huge difference. I heard about the mentoring program at Maple Lane while listening to KACS. I eventually decided to participate, and it made a big difference for me too. I appreciate what you guys at KACS are doing. You are making a huge difference in the commmunity.
    Date: 12-Feb-2008
  • Katy

  • Comment: Blessings KACS Family! I hope everyone is using as their search engine and KACS as their charity. I found it easy for me to remember to do so by making GoodSearch my homepage. And did you all know that there are many online shopping places that donate part of your purchase to your charity? Just click on the shopping catergory.
    Date: 06-Feb-2008
  • oksana

  • Comment: Cameron and Marylinn, we love you and this radio station, and all who make sure that this station goes on the air. We bless all of you, and pray that God has put his angels around this station to protect all of you and this station from any evil who hate God or this ministry. You are reaching people now all over the world. When we moved to Vancouver WA we could not listen to KACS here, and the stations they have are nothing to what KACS is. I wanted to cry, that is how much I missed your anointed music, and Unshackled and Night Sounds. I kept asking God that this radio station would come to Vancouver WA and Oregon. Cameron, there are no words that can describe what this radio ministry has done for me and my family. You and all your staff will know when you are in heaven receiving your great reward from God. Keep your faith, we love you and pray for God to protect you and bless you.
    Date: 06-Feb-2008
  • Meisha

  • Comment: Hi guys!, this is Meisha. I just wanted to let you know how much you have impacted my life. It is such a blessing to have a radio station like yours to tune into and be blest. I just wanted you to know that, and to thank you for always being there!
    Date: 25-Jan-2008
  • Voine

  • Comment: Dear friends in Christ, may you all be blessed throughout the New Year 2008 with health, happiness and peace. You are all in my prayers daily. Thank you all at KACS for the spiritual guidance each day. Love to you in Christ.
    Date: 22-Jan-2008
  • Debbie Campbell

  • Comment: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We want you to know how much we appreciated the merchant gift cards KACS delivered to the United Way office yesterday afternoon. I was on my way to another meeting, and was able to take some of the cards with me and give to people in such need. They were thrilled, and overwhelmed. You timing couldn't have been better. What a blessing. Again, thank you KACS so very much. -- D. Campbell, Director Lewis County United Way
    Date: 14-Jan-2008
  • Ken & Patti

  • Comment: Your radio ministry is a blessing to us both. I thank God for all the people you can reach with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and we are honored to do our part in reaching others with our support. God has blessed us to give to you too. May he take and bless you through our gift even beyond your expectations.
    Date: 14-Jan-2008
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