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  • Jessie

  • Comment: Dear KACS, when I called in my Faith Promise gift during Sharathon the lady volunteer asked what programs I like. I thought I would write and tell you. I gety up at 5:00 a.m. to listen to Haven Today, and to pray for my family. If I'm home I listen to the prayer requests in the noon hour. Then I listen to Odyssey at 7:00 p.m., and Chuck Swindoll's Insights for Living, 8:30 p.m. Focus on the Family. 10:30 Nightsounds -- what a way to go to sleep! When I cannot sleep, then I turn on the radio and listen to the music. I like your mix of old hymns and new songs. I also like the comedy bits. I don't know what I would do without you!
    Date: 12-Nov-2009
  • Rhoda

  • Comment: I thank God for you daily, and ask His blessings on your work. I am 87 years old now. Thank you.
    Date: 12-Nov-2009
  • Norm & Pat

  • Comment: We thank God that (local) Christian radio is there for us every time we push the button! Bless you.
    Date: 12-Nov-2009
  • Dorothy

  • Comment: I was happy to call in my Faith Promise of monthly support to help keep KACS on the air, filling my life with news of God\'s love. The best of music praising Him, and always reassuring me that no matter how bad life seems to be sometimes, God is still in control! My only frustration is that at 12:30 p.m. when you are having your prayer time (I want to hear that and participate!), at the same time Money Life comes on a Seattle Christian station, and I have learned so much from that program that I try not to miss it. Is it part of the KACS schedule -- the 1/2-hour program, and not the short feature from Crown Financial Ministries at 12:10 p.m.? Othat than that I have no negative things to say about KACS. I love MY Chritian radio sation. Keep up the great work! God\'s blesssings to you. EDITOR\'s NOTE: We are always open to programming suggestions from our listeners. Several of our programs have been added following up on listener input. We do carry My Money Life Minutes, and the 1/2-hour weekend program, but do not currently have an open 1/2-hour talk program segment for the daily show.
    Date: 12-Nov-2009
  • Craig A.

  • Comment: I cannot tell you how happy I am about two things that took place today. No, make it three. First and most important of all is the fact that JESUS took care of me on the road today. Driving for a living seems to have more and more hazards and challenges and I am grateful that my Heavenly Father is with me every mile of my day. The second item is this: you paid the respect to our servicemen and women that they are due. At times like this it is not a matter of whether or not we agree with war. Rather, it is appreciating the sacrifices made by those men and women who are looking our for our country DAILY. Thank you for the appropriate music played on their behalf. I hope to hear God Bless America and The National Anthem again on KACS soon. Finally, let me thank you for the ability to once again listen to KACS online here at home. For the last two days I've not been able to go to sleep or wake up to your programming. Like the great hymn says," God be the glory, great things He hath done, and great our rejoicing, through JESUS the Son..." I pray that GOD will daily and continuously bless the ministry of KACS. Sincerely, Craig A.
    Date: 11-Nov-2009
  • BJ Carter

  • Comment: It took me a while to find you after I moved from up north but PTL I did. Been listening for over a year now and so appreciate your ministry. I need to tell you though that I have never heard so much "dead air" as KACS puts out. I know nothing about radio work but there must be a way to eleminate the great emptiness. Please don't take this as being critical, just an observation. I am listening no matter. In Yeshua, BJ+ EDITORS NOTE: No offense taken. We have been having network system problems for several weeks (months?) and tracking down the exact source has been difficult. The automation network has been losing audio, and going to intermittent silence as short as two seconds, too as long as a couple of minutes. We have also had several satellite feed issues to resolve. A misfed program results in an empty file and sometimes silence (the worst case is missed half-hour programs.) Our automation is programmed to sense for silence and call until it finds the manager, contract engineer, or other volunteer staffer, but often by then the audio has already come back on. Hopefully our volunteer techs will have it resolved soon. If we had the resources for more staff who could work on this each day, perhaps it could be resolved sooner. Of course, until we have more funds for more staffing, including technical staff, we are likely to continue having occasional problems. Have you given your support yet?
    Date: 05-Nov-2009
  • CCCG

  • Comment: We are giving the enclosed gift to your ministry. On October 18th Dr. O'Connor and friends (The KACS Drama team) came to our church and presented a program called "God's Chisel." It was a great blessing to our church family. I would recommend any church to have them come and share this powerful message. We pass along this honorarium to your ministry. Thank you and God bless!
    Date: 02-Nov-2009
  • Betty

  • Comment: On October 17th the "Friends of BlueGrass" sponsored a benefit concert for Bob Thornton's medical expenses, and you at KACS aired announcements for the concert for us. We THANK YOU for this. We are pleased to report that the concert attracted a full- house crowd, and over $2800 was collected for Mr. Thornton's medical expenses. Again thank you for your participation and assistance. It was a real success!
    Date: 02-Nov-2009
  • Darla

  • Comment: KACS is a blessing for us, and it is a blessing to help out your station. One of my favorite songs is "You Raised me Up" (Selah), and the second time I heard it was on your station. It made my day to hear good Christian music. It stays with you through the day. God bless you all.
    Date: 02-Nov-2009
  • Kacey

  • Comment: Thank you so much for a quality Christian radio station. The one I was listening to before finding KACS was filled with advertisements for everything from insurance to liposuction to restaurants. They also played the same songs over and over again. The main reason I kept listening was because they offered Focus on the Family, but not until 10pm, too late for me! I was so thrilled to discover that you also offer Adventures in Odessy, a program I grew up on. Thank you for fostering spirit of prayer and caring. You are truly a blessing in my home.
    Date: 22-Oct-2009
  • NB

  • Comment: I want to thank Cameron and KACS for inviting his senior citizen father into the studios with him during his parent's recent visit. It was a treat to listen as Cameron and his father interacted. I was touched by the obvious connection, tenderness and love between them. I cannot help but break into tears and get a little emotional as I say this because I didn't have such a relationship with my father. It was very much appreciated and inspiring. I also appreciated his dad sharing his experience as a heart attack survivor, and the tips Cameron shared from the medical association on the symptoms of heart attack, and the health tips to prevent heart attack risks. Again, it was a treat to listen as they shared. Thank you. I enjoy listening to the personal stories the KACS announcers share each day. I made a point to share some of the stories Cameron's Dad told with my wife when she got home. These personal touches are part of why I turn KACS on every day. Thank you.
    Date: 16-Oct-2009
  • Craig

  • Comment: I cannot tell you what a blessing KACS has been to me over the past several weeks. I work for a truck retailer, delivering parts to customers from the Kitsap Peninsula all the way down to the Centralia/Chehalis area and I ran across your station by the design of our Heavenly Father. I can feel my life and some of my attitudes changing as I listen daily to your programming. Particularly a blessing is listening to your daily prayer time with your General Manager. As a result of that prayer time and the overall programming, I now have the KACS website set as one of my favorites on my computer and am even listening now as I write this note. Oh how I pray that people not just in this state but in the entire country could be the recipients of GOD's blessings and His touch through the ministry of KACS. May our Heavenly Father bless and carry the entire staff and ministry of KACS through current 'spiritual battles'. BLESSINGS to each of you, Craig A.
    Date: 11-Oct-2009
  • stan

  • Comment: I would like to thank you ALL for sharing your walk with Me I drive truck locally and the people I work with are not saved. Thank you. -- Stan
    Date: 10-Oct-2009
  • Joy L.

  • Comment: You played a song in the 8:00am hour earlier this week that I had never heard before and I would like to know the name, artist and album. It used the story of the prodigal son and the words Welcome Back Home were repeated. Would it be possible to email those to me? Thanks for ministering to me. NOTE: Gaither Trio "Welcome Back Home" title cut from their 1987 album.
    Date: 24-Sep-2009
  • Gary

  • Comment: I have been a listener since the station started, and I wanted to call and let you know that I personally think that KACS is sounding better right now than it ever has before. I don't see how you could improve the mix of music and programs. The blend you have of older songs, hymns and new music along with great short informational programs, news and features provides something for everyone. Keep up the good work. Thank you.
    Date: 17-Sep-2009
  • BJ

  • Comment: I attended the "Big Daddy Weave" concert you presented at the SW WA Fair. What an awesome time of praise and worship! I loved the fact that it was open air, for all who passed by to hear and see the love of our Lord. I would love to see them again next year or maybe Third Day. Thank you so much. Love in Yeshua, BJ
    Date: 08-Sep-2009
  • Katy

  • Comment: Thanks for the advice for Labor day both on- air and in the e-mail I just got from Cameron at KACS. By now (Friday afternoon), I hope you've left for home and family time. I've really enjoyed listening to you all day suggesting since the weather is also suggesting...stay home and catch up on family time! It's been a lovely KACS day for me, and I expect to add Lamplighter Theater to my evening. I got the monthly snail mail today, and kudos for a great story reminding us about want vs. need. Happy Labor Day weekend.
    Date: 08-Sep-2009
  • Stephanie

  • Comment: Thank you for the gift bag I recieved at the SW Washington Fair. I am enjoying all the gifts. God bless you at KACS and all your families too. NOTE:The first 300 families through the ticket gates at the SW Washington Fair were given KACS Tote bags stuffed with freebies from local businesses and the Fair. We hope to do it again next year.
    Date: 02-Sep-2009
  • Barbara F.

  • Comment: Thank you for this wonderful radio station. It is my ONLY channel!
    Date: 26-Aug-2009
  • Cross Family
  • Web:

    Comment: Thanks so much for putting Jessica's benefit car wash on your Community Calendar! Thank you too for the prayers and nice thoughtful phone message. The car wash was well supported; we are humbled by people's generosity. Jessica is "holding her own" and continues to talk more everyday. She isn't gaining weight as she should, so please pray that with the change in diet she will start gaining the weight and growing. Thank you again for your great love in Christ. Thank you for giving hope and making miracles! NOTE: Jessica is a 2 1/2-year old in need of a transplant. You can help through the weblink attached to this message --KACS
    Date: 26-Aug-2009
  • Chuck A.

  • Comment: just a quick thanks for the great BDW concert on Sunday...beautiful weather and great crowd and music!
    Date: 24-Aug-2009
  • Dorothy

  • Comment: Hi!, I just wanted to thank you for bringing Austin's Bridge to the Thurston County Fair. I enjoyed the concert immensely, and was sort of disappointed that the crowd was not bigger. It was a little too loud for my ears, but then all concerts are! I will enjoy their CD at home, and there I can choose the volume. My radio is always tuned in to KACS, and I'm never disappointed! Keep on blessing your listening community. I'm tuned in!!
    Date: 11-Aug-2009
  • Katy

  • Comment: Your interview with Austin's Bridge was good...I'm impressed with them! Absolutely love "He's in control"! They've nailed that...I bet they have a wonderful time doing it...they know how to almost slow it down to stop and hold you captive then take you to the top with them.
    Date: 05-Aug-2009
  • Mark

  • Comment: Thank all of you at KACS for the "Guitar Praise" game I won from your drawing at Creation Northwest 09. My two sons were very excited to get home and play it. Thank you for your continued support for Christ centered events, and for the community.
    Date: 30-Jul-2009
  • Anita

  • Comment: WOW! Thank you Cameron, Don & Linda for the package KACS sent to me! I was so BLESSED as I recieved it on my 50th birthday. God is so good. Also, thank you for touching the lives of so many through the wonderful Christian programming and encouragement offered. KACS is making an eternal difference! The Lord bless you all. Thank you again.
    Date: 06-Jul-2009
  • m gaffney

  • Comment: this past week on Family life todayw dennis Rainiey were programs about the birth and passing of his granddaughter Molly. there is a book they mentioned and I would like to get the title to share with a friend whose is just now going thru a similar experience. How can I find out the title to share with him and his wife? Editors NOTE: The best way is to visit the Family Life Today website.
    Date: 20-Jun-2009
  • Linda

  • Comment: Hello, I listen to your station all the time, while in my car. The other day you had a guest in your studio who sang beautifully. I believe I remember her saying her name was Sheri with an I, but I can't think of her last name. If you could send me her name and/or album name, it would be great. By the way, I love to hear your mix of music, praising our Lord Jesus often and hearing the messages from such blessed Preachers. Thanks again and may God bless you. Linda EDITOR's NOTE: The guest was Staci Frenes, and the song was her original acoustic arrangement of a new worship song from her latest CD. The song is called, "What I won't leave Without." She is a great songwriter and performer,and works with World Vision. We were pleased to have her drop by.
    Date: 16-Jun-2009
  • Turk

  • Comment: Dear friends at KACS, thank you for your wonderful Christian programming and encouragement. I am praying for your continued success at sharing God's love with those that need the message of hope and faith. A friend always, Thank you.
    Date: 28-May-2009
  • B.G.

  • Comment: God is great, and he has really blessed this community with a wonderful Christian radio station -- KACS. As a continued supporter I'm increasing my monthly gift by another $5. I wanted to write and let you know of a person that had helped me when I was at a crossroad in my life. After dealing with several kinds of abuse, I tried to find someone to trust by acting out. I'd pretend to have hallucinations or pass out. There were hospitals and many tests trying to determine what was wrong, but no one ever really asked my heart. One day a teacher, Mr. Meyer, said, "You can keep going down this road you are on, or choose another path that is better." He presented me with a choice, somthing I never had before. I chose the other path, and now many years later God has put me in a position that I can possibly help someone else. God has always been part of my life, and has always guarded that special light inside me. There is so much more I could share with you, but to put pen to paper would take much longer. So for now I hope this small piece will let you know how God has put someone in my life when I needed it most. May God also bless you all.
    Date: 28-May-2009
  • JW

  • Comment: Very hard choice when it comes to favorite KACS song, I have many that have really encouraged me so it is a hard choice. I am a kid at heart and love Adventures In Odyssey and the daily prayer and praise time is a outstanding use of air time. Please read Jer. 17:5-9
    Date: 09-May-2009
  • Kay R.

  • Comment: I have been listening to your station since we moved to Yelm in 1998. Subsequently, after the death of my husband, I moved to Spanaway. I am very thankful that I can still get the station. I know that last year during the fundraising, I was the first person to call from my area. I do enjoy your music, especially, although I do listen to other programs also. I became a Christian as a teenager, and have followed Christ ever since. I would say that the one who most influenced me during those years was my mother. She was a Godly woman who, for many years taught Bible studies and Sunday School to adults. I truly love the Lord with all my heart and love to worship Him. I pray that the time spent raising funds will be very fruitful and the money needed will be raised. I will call during the actual time to give what I feel God would have me give. God bless all of you.
    Date: 04-May-2009
  • Patti

  • Comment: I found your station when I was looking for something pleasant on the radio after an especially tough day at work. I've been listening since then.
    Date: 28-Apr-2009
  • David

  • Comment: Your signal is like the light that shines in the darkness and guides many people like a lighthouse. Thank you!
    Date: 28-Apr-2009
  • Mike M.

  • Comment: I really like the program about dads with Casey as host each morning (Today's Father). Reminds me often of the times when Sherman at my church would speak with me. (He's now deceased)For example, I was irritated one day with my kids at church & Sherman, an older man, come over to me and took my hand. He said, "We were young fellas once too." I appreciate my older brothers in Christ doing things like that. We men don't have all the answers. Thanks for programs that help us be better dads.
    Date: 28-Apr-2009
  • Lorraine

  • Comment: I was pleasently surprised when going to the mailbox a few weeks ago to find an evelope filled with a couple of books, a DVD and four CD's. Thank you so much. Love in Christ, Lorraine NOTE: These gifts are from the various ministries carried on KACS to our donor club members from the annual FriendRaiser and Sharathon.
    Date: 05-Apr-2009
  • Pat

  • Comment: My co-worker and I are faithfull listeners but all of a sudden this week we have not been able to listen online. Can you tell us if something changed. Thank You Pat & Lauralene NOTE: The KACS audio stream has been operating as usual. Perhaps settings in your office server are not allowing you to access the streaming audio. You can check with your technical services personnel.
    Date: 03-Apr-2009
  • Voine

  • Comment: Dear friends at KACS, "This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it." Thank you for the beautiful music and spiritual food. I'm listening today, and have been for many years now. God bless you all with his love and grace. Keep up the good work.
    Date: 18-Mar-2009
  • Paul A.

  • Comment: Thanks so much for a station that blesses everyone no matter what their "denomination"!!
    Date: 17-Mar-2009
  • Betty

  • Comment: Thank you for the terrific job announcing the Blue Grass and Country Gospel event at Calvary Baptist Church (Ethel) held on March seventh. We had standing room only, between 200-300 people attending, and the concert performers were tops in artistry. Over $1400 was raised as a benefit to the Medical Missions Team. We thank you again for your assistance in making this event a real success!
    Date: 17-Mar-2009
  • Lorna

  • Comment: Just a note to thank you all again for the BEST RADIO STATION!! I especially like all the older music and hymns. Saturday and Sunday afternoons are great. But ALL of it is better than any of the other stations. Thanks also for your prayers. My double knee replacement surgery was so successful. God is the great physician. God's blessings to you all.
    Date: 01-Mar-2009
  • anonymous

  • Comment: My Husband and I admire your radio braodcasts. We believe your show (Focus on the Family), along with the insights you've shared have been instrumental in keeping our marriage strong and healthy for over four decades. Among the challenges we've faced have been cancer, financial struggles, loss of employment, and children who have wandered from the Lord. Through it all, however, we've learned from your radio ministry how important it is to express unconditional love for every member of our family. Thank you for impacting our lives, and those of our children and grandchildren.
    Date: 03-Feb-2009
  • Amy

  • Comment: Hello, Jesus spoke to me tonight and he said he was coming back very soon. Get your listeners prepared! This is an exciting time! NOTE: Amy, we are indeed living in exciting times. In fact the scriptures are filled with an urgency about Christ's return. The big point is (remember his parable of the wise and foolish wedding party memebers; five prepared, and five who weren't?) living each day as though he were coming now. "Even so, when you see these things happening, you know that it is near, right at the door." Mark 13:29
    Date: 29-Jan-2009
  • Ricky

  • Comment: Just want to thank you for the wonderful updates and prayers during the floods, mudslides, snow and havoc so many experienced over the past month. We listen to KACS over the translator (97.7fm) here in Packwood. You are a light over the radio waves. Keep up the great work in His name.
    Date: 28-Jan-2009
  • Gerry

  • Comment: I used to listen to your programming every morning from 9:00 a.m. until noon -- now all the programs I enjoyed come late in the day or evening so I no longer hear your programs as we have other things to do. I just wish the program times were "like they used to be"! Oh well, do you call it progress? EDITOR'S NOTE: The programs mentioned were primarily designed for adults with enough mature subject matter that we followed the majority of our listeners' preference to provide them at a time when younger ears were not listening. Of course the programs continue to be there in the "dinner hour." Listening prefernces and schedules vary from person to person.
    Date: 13-Jan-2009
  • Jan

  • Comment: One day as I got in my car, my radio was tuned to your broadcast of Focus on the Family. I don't recall tuning there but I was glued to the radio station, and didn't want to miss anything. After getting to work, I continued listening in the parking lot, and there I cried for joy for being able to find a good Christian radio station. Every morning now I come out of my car with teary eyes due to joy, and because I am blessed with what I hear. Thank you.
    Date: 13-Jan-2009
  • Claudine

  • Comment: Thank you for the information you are providing on the flooding. I was watching the news on TV hoping to hear more about Bucoda flooding, and being evacuated. They never spoke of it. I work for and have kids in the Tenino School district, and got word first thing this morning about Bucoda. We have a lot of school families there and I can\'t help but be worried. I feel so sad about all the families, businesses and farms in our area that have to endure this all again. They are all in my prayers.
    Date: 13-Jan-2009
  • Sheriff Steve Mansfield

  • Comment: I recieved the thank you included below from a citizen which prompted me to also thank you for your tremendous suppurt in helping me and my office (Lewis County Sherrif\'s Office & Division of Emergeny Management) get our important emergency messages distributed to the public, both during and prior to our recent flood event. Our continuing partnership is critical in making a positive difference to those we serve. ------------ Sherrif, I cannot thank your department enough for the extraordinary disaster warnings and preparations. You let us all know early on what was happening, giving people as much time as possible to make preparations, minimize property damage and find other places to go if needed. I have a co-worker who was flooded out last year who just got her house back together. They managed to get everything up off the ground and even tore up the carpets to minimize mold and mildew problems. I work for a chilren\'s service and our area manager quoted you when she said she would have no excuse for not planning as carefully and as far in advance as possible. She did a great job, and we thank you again for all your help and advice. This is the best planning, coordination and action taken in local government I have seen in a long time. -- Lewis County Resident. NOTE: KACS is a participating member station in the Emergency Broadcast System.
    Date: 13-Jan-2009
  • Julia

  • Comment: Thank you for the box of gifts I won during the 12-days of Christmas. It was a real blessing also. My husband loved listening to the 12-days of Christmas stories and contest questions. That was a lot of fun! We love KACS everyday. God bless you each one. I listen on 107.1 in Hoquiam.
    Date: 13-Jan-2009
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