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  • anonymous

  • Comment: I appreciate your scriptural programming. I enjoy Ken Davis' Lighten Up. I also praise you for your prayer request segments which I know gives a lot of people hope, and helps them realize our strength comes from God. You helps us know He does care so very much for us, and gives peace and strength that nothing else can equal. I am sending you a one time gift of $20. I would like to do more, but cannot due to illness and loss of work.
    Date: 29-Dec-2010
  • Gayle

  • Comment: We have recently moved here from Southern Oregon. We enjoy listening especially on Friday evenings and Saturdays. Thank you.
    Date: 29-Dec-2010
  • Teresa R.

  • Comment: What is that beautiful song, "Come, Dear Christmas, Come", with the kids and lady singing it? I've had a line of that melody going through my head for a good year or more, and wondering where it came from, when I've heard it now a couple of times on KACS. Is that its name? Who sings it from what album? It's so pretty! Thanks! ~Teresa
    Date: 22-Dec-2010
  • Sue

  • Comment: KACS and all who work there, thank you for giving me a wonderful Spirit filled radio station to listen to during my work hours and driving home. What a great blessing it is to have this available to our community.
    Date: 09-Dec-2010
  • Jackie

  • Comment: I moved here to Centralia almost three months ago from California to serve through AmeriCorps. I left my family and friends, and everything familiar. It has been the greatest and most difficult adventure for me. I listen to your radio station every single day. There is hardly a time when my radio is not on in my apartment. The music and discussions, and all the radio theater shows encourage me, and keep me company when I'm feeling lonely. Your radio station, KACS, has been helping me to draw closer to the Lord, and I just want to thank you, KACS, for all that you do. In Christ. JP
    Date: 17-Nov-2010
  • Duane Gaylord, Vice President

  • Comment: Thank you KACS for all you have done this year to make it possible for your listeners to hear about Samaritan's Purse projects. Your public service announcements are vital in our efforts to raise awareness about the worldwide relief work of Samaritan's Purse. Contributions made through radio station's such as KACS are an immense blessing to this ministry. Once again, thank you for taking part in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with people around the world. May God bless you, all the staff, and your families this Christmas season and throughout the upcoming year.
    Date: 15-Nov-2010
  • Sunnie

  • Comment: This note is way overdue, but better late than never! We wanted to thank you for the artists you have been bringing in to perform at the SW Washington Fair, especially the last 2-years. We were thrilled to enjoy Ernie Haase & Signature Sound this summer. They are exceptionally talented, and it was a treat to have them perform here. We also enjoyed the ladies group (Point of Grace) this year too, and Russ Taff a few years ago. So, thank you for your committment to bringing good Christian entertainment to our area. It really is a blessing that you are providing. It is appreciated.
    Date: 15-Nov-2010
  • Ray

  • Comment: Thank you so much for sending the CD gift, Michael W. Smith - Worship. Last Sunday afternoon I sat in my living room listening to this and worshipping. I had tears in my eyes. It helps me to remember what an awesome God we have. Your music touches me, and this CD certainly did and will continue to everytime I listen to it. God bless you. In Christ. EDITOR's NOTE: We like to believe that God guides as we choose what CD to send to different individuals during contests and as Sharathon thanks. We are so pleased when we hear that God has helped select meaningful songs for that person through the gift. Thanks for your confirming note.
    Date: 10-Nov-2010
  • Erin H.

  • Comment: Thank you for all you do. My son and I pray for your station almost every night before bed. God bless you and may He enlarge KACS abundantly for His glory.
    Date: 04-Nov-2010
  • anonymous

  • Comment: I was born and have been raised right here in Centralia and Chehalis. I'm 75 years-old, and have been at every annual fair since the year I was born. I want you to know that this year's KACS concert was the best event we have ever had here at the fair, bar none. Thanks for what you gave to our community, and please keep doing such a good job in serving everyone in Lewis County.
    Date: 07-Sep-2010
  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Comment: It may be on the non-commercial end of the dial, but KACS serves its audience well. Today's Christian radio is bright and vibrant, while still walking the walk. KACS promotes family activities and reflects the values of our community. We at the Chamber feel just a tiny bit responsible for the programming of KACS, as we've given a few scheduled guests directions to the station.
    Date: 07-Sep-2010
  • Ramona

  • Comment: Just wanted to take a minute to thank you sooooooo much for bringing Ernie Haase and Signature Sound to the fair. They are such an AWESOME Christian Southern Gospel quartet. My daughter and I drove up to see them from Woodland. We go see them when they come to Portland, Oregon and really appreciate the extra viewing of them. Thanks again. Ramona
    Date: 27-Aug-2010
  • David Harsh

  • Comment: Dear Cameron & KACS, thank you for the trust you extended to us as we endeavored to serve with you at the Southwest Washington Fair. It was a treat to warm up the stage for such awesome headliners as Point of Grace and Ernie Haase & Signature Sound. Thanks for the promotion, airplay, support and enthusiasm. We look forward to the next opportunity to serve with you. In Christ, David.
    Date: 26-Aug-2010
  • anonymous

  • Comment: I wanted to call and thank the radio station that sponsored the concerts at the SW Washington Fair. I found out it was KACS. Thank you so much for the concerts. I had a stroke two weeks ago, and I didn't think I'd be able to make it to the concerts. Thank the Lord that I did, I so enjoyed the music. God bless you, and thank you for what you did. Please do it again next year.
    Date: 25-Aug-2010
  • LW

  • Comment: Mr. Beierle, My husband and I want to thank you so much for all the work that went into arranging for Point of Grace, Signature Sound & David Harsh - we thoroughly enjoyed the whole afternoon -- we simply felt filled up with an afternoon of worship. Perfect afternoon. And thank you to your wife Colleen, Kami, Don and all the other volunteers and staff as I know they worked with you on all the organization. We were blessed. Thank you.
    Date: 23-Aug-2010
  • Catherine

  • Comment: Many thanks for the outstanding concerts I attended yesterday at the SW Washington Fair. I'm a KACS listener, but the 4 people I brought with me were not. To say that they were wowwed doesn't begin to cover it! What a blessing you have been to me, and now my friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Date: 23-Aug-2010
  • Dorothy

  • Comment: Dear KACS Broadcast Team, it is good to hear of the success of the FriendRaiser event in May. Although I did not call in to renew my Faith Promise, I will continue to send support as God provides. Recently I was out of state for a few days, and cannot tell you how much I missed my radio station - KACS. The music and teaching encourage me through the day, and often into the evening. God's blessings on all you do for us, your listening public - the friends of KACS.
    Date: 10-Jun-2010
  • Kay R.

  • Comment: I just returned from Nashville, where I worked with Samaritan's Purse in their disaster relief efforts. While there, I was privileged to work with the Katina's on one of the homes which was ruined. They commented on their blog about their experience, and posted a picture of the work there. I was very impressed that six men of this family came out to volunteer with SP for a day. They put in a hrad day's work. I always enjoy listening to your station as it is a great way to get blessed all day.
    Date: 24-May-2010
  • Mary

  • Comment: I started attending church, after a 15 year absence, a few months ago. I have been trying to keep my mind focused on "heavenly" things and your station really helps. Thank you so much for your Christ centered broadcast, it is such a blessing.
    Date: 04-May-2010
  • Luci

  • Comment: Thank you so much for your support and help by putting our event in your community calendar on May 1st for the Secondhand Safari community garage sale in Lacey at the fairgrounds. We also had a silent auction and booths with donated sale items. We had a very successful day -- raising over $2000 for little Jessica's kidney transplant fund! It was a sunny, fun day! God provided in so many ways to ensure it was a success. Thank you to our faithful, hard working volunteers who spent many hours helping to get ready, and also at the event on Saturday. Thank you from our hearts. The Cross Family.
    Date: 03-May-2010
  • Karen

  • Comment: I grew up in South Bend, and lived there until I left for college. Our family loves the Lord and we attendded the Raymond Assembly of God, now Crossroads Church. I am delighted the new station (KACW) is going in there.
    Date: 03-May-2010
  • John C.

  • Comment: We just moved here from the nations capitol. I am really excited about KACS and have already told another believer, actually a pastor about you. We had a station like yours in DC but their programming was hard christian rock. I don't need or want to have my soul touched; I want to reach out with the Spirit. Today you played Holy,holy, holy by Kieth Green. I was so blessed. I am his servant and you are certainly serving me. I am asking my wife if we can become a monthly sponsor. Please strive to keep the content as you have it now, don't give in to the culture. Blow me away and play some old Pam Mark Hall, Jamie Owens Collins, or Kelly Willard. I don't mind a little electric guitar but I don't want to be trashed by the wall of sound. Let's worship the Lord of Hosts with Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs. There is a secret of sorts, the key of David, worship that lifts up the Holy One and defeats the enemy of our souls. John out at the end of Steamboat Island Road. I just want you to have more money for watts so you can send it up to Tacoma. EDITOR's NOTE: Bless you and welcome, John. You can give on-line at anytime through the website. We are excited over the approval we have for a signal modification that will allow us to reachy all of Tacoma. It will take funding, time and some logistics to complete. Keep listening, participating and praying.
    Date: 01-May-2010
  • Duane

  • Comment: Not sure how to ask this,but I have been trying to get you on internet for 2 days and it quit working. Your station is the main reason I can sleep at night. God is a very big part of my present life; and the radio doesn't work in my apartment. Help please. I used your station as a witness tool for over a year. I was in cedar creek; yes that Cedar Creek. When guys would come by to see what I was listening to, LOL, I would hand them my head phones, and you always had a cool praise song going. Some of them did start going to church. I have been out for a year now, and still listen in my car and on line. So, please see what is going on with the site. Thanks. NOTE: Server was down temporarily. thanks to this alert listener, service was quickly restored.
    Date: 29-Mar-2010
  • mauricio

  • Comment: I would like to thanks for assistance, I'm a brazilian christian and I've been listening to KACS radio because I love the english language, and I love my lord and savior JESUS CHRIST. I have a dream to visit your country and to know the American church. Do you know a interchange program through the church? Please, send a email! Sincerely,Mauricio
    Date: 15-Mar-2010
  • Bill L.

  • Comment: Dropping you a note to say what a fine job I think you are doing. You have a good mix of music, news, and various different programs. Shalom, and keep up the good work!
    Date: 08-Mar-2010
  • Lue

  • Comment: I just wanted to tell you (Cameron) how special the 12:00 p.m. prayer time is to me. It seems like you make it such a quiet peaceful time for Christians to come together before Christ on behalf of others. God bless KACS, you and all the staff. In Christian Love...
    Date: 08-Mar-2010
  • Jeri

  • Comment: Hello, you don't really know me, but I listen to your radio station often. I want to thank you for your ministry, and let you know how much I enjoy your programming. Have a blessed day. JD
    Date: 15-Feb-2010
  • Grace T.

  • Comment: I am going through a severe grieving process because I am my family are moving back to Tacoma (Spanaway) where we were living before, and I don't think I will be able to hear KACS there! It seems the only Christian station I could get there was Spirit 105 FM and, frankly, they just don't have what you have! I'm telling you, this is a SEVERE grief for me!!!!!!!!! Besides internet, IS THERE A WAY TO GET YOUR STATION IN SPANAWAY WITH A SPECIAL KIND OF RADIO ANTENNA OR SOMETHING? I know I can probably listen on the internet, but that doesn't allow my kids and all the guests that come over to "accidentally" listen as well. It is one of the ways I try to make sure my home is a home where Jesus Christ is honored and remembered, as I have it playing most all of the time. There are SOOOOO MANY shows and things I will miss (too many to list right now), and especially CAMERON'S stories!!!! I hope to stop by to say good-bye before we move, which will be in a couple of weeks.(I will keep up my monthly pledge I made during the Sharathon at least till the end of the year.) God bless you! NOTE: No need to say goodbye. Pray for our signal improvement project that will provide strong signal over Tacoma too. It is already approved by the FCC, but requires resources, local permits and approvals, and time to complete. Meanwhile, do keep listening. Some areas of Tacoma can hear KACS with good FM antenna available from electronics stores.
    Date: 09-Feb-2010
  • JW

  • Comment: Thanks to Cameron so much for sharing his unemployment story over the air. It really resonates with me. My son & daughter-in-law, both engineers, lost their jobs within a week of one another right around Halloween. Their story is not anywhere as bad as some I know you've heard, as she got a job within about a month. However, my son has yet to find a job, and your thoughts and feelings as a husband, father and family provider really are his also. As you know, my prayers continue for him to be hired. The one up- side is that he has had a year with his small children, something that most fathers never really have the chance to experience. Fortunately, my son does see that. Once again, thanks to Cameron for the message.
    Date: 07-Jan-2010
  • Lorna

  • Comment: Dear KACS staff, I want to thank you for sending the beautiful CD "Best of Worship - He Knows My Name." I've played the CD already many times since recieving it last week. It's very good!! Same for the worship DVD, and I'll be passing that around to other church members here to have a look. You are very thoughtful to send it to me. I've been hearing you tell on the radio about your big financial needs and goal for 2010. I cannot give much as my only income is from my small Social Security funds each month. But I know God will accept and stretch the dollars that are given. I'm sending my gift to you also. Thank you for such beautiful ministry. With love.
    Date: 07-Jan-2010
  • Larry & Anna

  • Comment: We enjoy listening to KACS every morning. We thank God for the many blessings to us and our family this past year. KACS has been a part of that.
    Date: 07-Jan-2010
  • B.F.

  • Comment: I am taking the time to wish you all a Blessed Merry Christmas & Happy prosperous New Year. I am writing to say Thank You for how KACS has blessed us -- some time back you sent a CD called "He is Exalted." It is live worship music by Twila Paris. The Lord knew I would need this. The music ministers to me in so many ways. I love the group of songs the Lord had Twila put together, it semms, just for me. The Lord has brought me a long way since we were blessed with this CD you sent to us. I enjoy listening to it at various times. I even put it on for overnight. I am asking the Lord that we will soon (at His timing) be able to step into supporting KACS again financially. Please pray for us to have a closer more intimate relationship with Jesus. Lord bless you!
    Date: 07-Jan-2010
  • Paul A.

  • Comment: My mom died of cancer in 1994, and that is when I found your station while unable to sleep at 2:00 a.m.. KACS programs and announcers have been a blessing, and part of our daily routine since then. Thank you & thank God for KACS always being there!
    Date: 07-Jan-2010
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