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  • JE

  • Comment: Please accept my donation as a “thank offering.” I was diagnosed in May of this year with metastic colon cancer, and was annointed (for healing) at our local church.. Since then we have seen great improvement in the tumors in my colon and liver. We are VERY thankful to God for His healing, for an excellent oncologist and staff, for supportive family, friends and coworkers, and for a job with good insurance. I very much appreciate the music provided by KACS. “Blessings” by Laura Story has been a particular inspiration to me. Thank you for the ministry provided by KACS.
    Date: 17-Dec-2011
  • anonymous

  • Comment: Thank you for all the Christ-centered programs and music. And for helping all your listeners celebrate "Christmas" with "a capital C." Merry Christmas, and God bless your efforts through 2012.
    Date: 05-Dec-2011
  • R&C

  • Comment: Thank you for the radio station. We love the music selections and programs. So enriching and encouraging day by day.
    Date: 05-Dec-2011
  • Katy

  • Comment: Dearest KACS Family, With great joy and appreciation I thank you for the abundant collection of DVD/CDs!!!! that I won as a drawing during Sharathon! It's going to be a pleasant adventure listening to them...the mixture is so inviting...lots of my favorites and many new ones to entice me!!! Love, thanks, and blessings, Katy
    Date: 30-Nov-2011
  • Shaun O.

  • Comment: Hello to all our friends at K.A.C.S.! It is our great pleasure to inform you we are back on the internet, and the first place we went was to your website to get you playing via web-cast. We have so missed you all since moving down to Clatskanie, OR, and it is a touch of home to have your voices in our home again. We especially enjoyed being able to listen to "Adventures in Odyssey" again. All our love, Shaun & Billie.
    Date: 29-Nov-2011
  • Sue

  • Comment: Thank you for making the announcements about the Soup Kitchen - quite a few folks have mentioned hearing about the Soup Kitchen on the radio so its really helping. I have a question to ask. How would we go about asking people to donate funds for the soup kitchen, and food donations for our soup kitchen. The community has been generous on food donations and we are doing a Thanksgiving Meal tomorrow in place of the soup. Our funds are dwindling fast and we pray daily for ways to continue for the community, so any support would be wonderful. It's a sad day around our Soup Kitchen today as we lost my best friend and partner in the Soup Kitchen. EDITOR'S NOTE: We are only too happy to assist local efforts like this as we make a difference together.KACS-KACW is your local community connection.
    Date: 28-Nov-2011
  • DR

  • Comment: Dear friends at KACS thank you so much for the copy of "God's Wisdom for Your Every Need." I love beautiful books and not only is this one beautiful on the outside, the messages inside are reassuring, inspiring and encouraging me already. And I love Cameron's message and letter with the play on words to go with the little pack of chewing gum you sent. I'm only glad I am able to help. I would be lost without my CHristian radio station. Throguh you I am kept informed and blest all day while I listen. I often use the radio station to know what time of day it is, and I know what is on at different times of each day. So, even if I'm not where I can see a clock, I can tell the time by the program features that come on. I include KACS in my prayers, and thank God for radio as a way to not only be entertained, but to hear the message of God's word being shared in love. It is always a continual blessing in my day. Thank you for friendship in Christ.
    Date: 16-Nov-2011
  • DA

  • Comment: I am sorry I missed the Sharathon. I had been in a bad car accident, and was in Harborview hospital for several days, and had surgery with a steel plate put in. 7 weeks with not putting any weight on my leg. I thank God that He was in that accident, because the three of us came out of it with 1 broken leg and a lot of bruising. Thank God because though it was bad He brought us through it. God bless you all at KACS. I am enclosing my check for the Sharathon need.
    Date: 16-Nov-2011
  • Patrice

  • Comment: Thanks to all of you for your warm welcome during the Sharathon. It was a blessing to get to know you all in person. I hope to be abale to give a hand in the office in the next few weeks. Tell Kelly to have something ready. I will call when I can schedule a day. Thank you all for your dedication and hard work! EDITOR's NOTE: Volunteers are always welcome. We are pleased to have you fill out the volunteer form under "Get Involved" to tell us how you would like to be a part of our team.
    Date: 01-Nov-2011
  • BA

  • Comment: I continue to enjoy your spots on stewardship (Welcome aboard God's Steward Ship). However, if I was the steward I'm afraid I'd have a mutiny on my hands! :o) But I am getting better at it. Thank you, Lord, for KACS. In Christ.
    Date: 18-Oct-2011
  • JB

  • Comment: I am happy to send my check to KACS. It is part of an inheritance I recieved. I am daily blessed by KACS, and I know the funds will be put to good use. God bless! "It starts with a gift. I leads to lives transformed by Christ."
    Date: 05-Oct-2011
  • K&V

  • Comment: We are sorry that we cannot support you financially at this time, but we will support you in our prayers. It is hard to support every good Christian cause, so we take turns sharing our support with others as well. Until God blesses us in greater measure to once again return with our support to you. Until then, we beleive God will continue to bless & meet your needs, the needs of the staff & radio station. In Christ's love.
    Date: 03-Oct-2011
  • MLC

  • Comment: Great concert at the fair. Thanks so much. Enclosed is a small gift for the KACW project, and another for KACS operating expenses. Keep up the good work.
    Date: 31-Aug-2011
  • The Smiths

  • Comment: Thanks, KACS, for the concerts at this year's fair. They were great! Nice to have our areas' own Voetbergs perform.
    Date: 31-Aug-2011
  • Terrill

  • Comment: Thank you for sponsoring the Christian music at the Lewis County (SW Washington)Fair. We had to leave right after Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, so we didn't get a chance to talk to the other artists. We enjoyed their music, and would like to know more about the local family who played. We will definitely go to the Voetberg's website. Thank God for the internet. I've been streaming your station! Both my wife and I really enjoy EHSS. We knew Ernie going back to his Cathedrals days. Southern Gospel is my favorite music. We first saw EHSS at the Tacoma Dome in a Gaither Homecoming concert several years ago. Since then we have seen them both at a church in Woodenville, WA and at your fair. Please bing them back. I know many others from both our church (Sumner Presbyterian) and some relatives would attend. I know I for one would be happy to donate to bring them back, as we have to pay to see them in Woodenville. We enjoyed the Sonflowerz as well. They are a good young talent. Thanks for spreading the Word of God thru music.
    Date: 24-Aug-2011
  • anonymous happy concert attendee

  • Comment: Thank you KACS for bringing in such a great concert artist, Phil Keaggy. It's a rare privilege to have a world known artist like him in our area. We were privileged to see and hear him here. And thank you and your sponsors for making him available for us all at such a low price. All we had to pay was the small gate admission at the fair to come in and enjoy this high of quality in a concert event. You have blessed us, and we very much appreciate it. God bless you and the station's ministry as you continue to serve our community in ways more deserving of praise then I'm sure you ever receive.
    Date: 10-Aug-2011
  • Jackie

  • Comment: I wrote in a prayer request almost a year ago. I had just moved to Centralia from California to do year of service with AmeriCorps. I was homesick and depressed at the time of my prayer request. But Now I want to praise God for using my time in Washington as a period of enormous growth in my walk with the Lord. I will always remember the friends and memories I've made here. I've listed to your radio station every single day I've been here, and I have been incredibly encouraged and blessed by it. I praise the Lord for the work He does through your station.
    Date: 19-Jul-2011
  • Robin B.

  • Comment: I've been a TFN for a couple of years. My husband just received a pay cut and my hours have been reduced so we are looking to fine tune our budget, but each time I entertain the idea of discontinuing my support of KACS I suddenly hear a song or comment that brings me to my knees before the Lord. The ministry of KACS has been a mainstay for me for many years and I can't justify not supporting you. I believe that the Lord will bless if I will be faithful to this call. If I'm being touched each time I listen, then I'm sure there are others out there also being touched and changed by the ministry of KACS.
    Date: 14-Jul-2011
  • anonymous

  • Comment: Just a quick note to thank you again. I usually leave KACS on while asleep nights. I keep it on low, but enough that I can hear the words. I have often heard my favorite Christian artists in the middle of the night. For example, Keith Green had a huge impact on my Christian committment, and helped me take it to another level. Long ago I had the chance to speak to him when he went through Chehalis. Please pass along my thanks and gratitude to Cameron, Don, Linda and the other DJ's (if they still call them that these days)for playing such a variety of contemporary Christian music. It is so refreshing! I much appreciated the prayers over my back pain, and it has returned now to normal. Thanks again for such warmth and kindness.
    Date: 13-Jul-2011
  • Pastor Glen B.

  • Comment: Thank you for the books, CD's, DVD's and other gifts from KACS to honor me during (FriendRaiser)Pastor Appreciation. It was a surprise, and such a wonderful acknowledgement. Your thoughtfulness is overwhelming. Just to let you know, I told the congregation on Sunday about the gifts. The next week a picture was shown with mention of KACS by name, and a picture of the gifts recieved during the announcement time. Thank you again. My prayer for you is that God will continue to use you in spreading the Good News via radio in Centralia and Chehalis. Blessings as you serve our King Jesus. Sincerely yours and His.
    Date: 13-Jul-2011
  • Janet
  • Web:

    Comment: Dear Friends at KACS, I just wanted to say "Thank You!" for all that you do. I work the graveyard shift, and come home to an empty house. Your radio station helps ease the stress and lonliness I sometimes feel. I know others benefit from it too! God bless you.
    Date: 13-Jul-2011
  • Mary A.

  • Comment: Thank you so very much for the gift box. That was so thoughtful of you all at KACS. What a wonderful surprise package of goodies. God Bless you all. Mary
    Date: 04-Jun-2011
  • Kevin K.

  • Comment: I just wanted to let the staff at KACS know what a blessing it was to tune into your radio station. I was in the Chehalis area this week and found KACS. It is the best Christian radio I have ever heard. The music and other programming was wonderful and inspiring. I had the privilege of visiting the station, and got insight on how the sation operates. I appreciate all the hard work the station manager, and the rest of the staff do to put the program and service together. What a blessing the listening area has in KACS. God is certainly working at this radio station. Thank you, you have my prayers.
    Date: 26-May-2011
  • haleigh n.

  • Comment: Thank you so much for putting our (prayer request) story on the air this morning. We have been blessed! I loved hearing all the stories today and answered prayers.
    Date: 23-May-2011
  • leslie

  • Comment: I LOVE Bill Pearce...I hope you will continue to broadcast Night sounds. He is like a Dad tucking you into bed each night with encouraging words. I was so sad the other night when i heard it mentioned for the first time that he had passed away. When did he die? Please don't take his show off the air! Lesli, Faithful listener EDITOR's NOTE: Mr. Pearce passed away well over a year ago after an extended stay in an assisted care facility. Bill was over 80-years old. The ministry under his name had not been recording any new programs for many years. All the programs are old archived broadcasts and will eventually become outdated.
    Date: 09-Mar-2011
  • Centralia Community Church

  • Comment: Thank you! This comes to express deep appreciation for all that you do to provide Christian music and teaching in our community. God bless you for being so faithful. Our prayers are with you as you bless so many.
    Date: 15-Feb-2011
  • Sarah J

  • Comment: Listen to you all the time
    Date: 01-Feb-2011
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