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  • Sandra

  • Comment: Thank you for posting such a usfeul website. Your web happens to be not just informative but also very stimulating too. We are on the lookout for information regarding this topic. We went through several websites to find knowledge with regard to this. I will keep coming back!
    Date: 16-Oct-2012
  • Cindy

  • Comment: I listen to you daily. I was channel surfing and found you. I love your music and sing along with the radio. I feel uplifted, I was down and out when I found 91.3 in South Bend WA. God Bless you all.
    Date: 25-Sep-2012
  • keijo

  • Comment: We thank the Lord for you and KACS, for our life and a well going process in Christ. Now God will be God for us like a Father and we are his the sheep in his wonderful green pasture, and with the living water. With you we have the sons light over us by grace, thanks and bless you. Keijo, Sweden
    Date: 21-Sep-2012
  • Bonnie
  • Web:

    Comment: I have come to love your radio station. I stopped listening to another to hear yours. You keep things focused on Jesus and do not add secular things to try and bring people in. Praying for you and all the staff.
    Date: 12-Sep-2012
  • Rayna H.

  • Comment: I need a favor: I keep hearing a song on your station, but don't know the exact name of it or the vocalist and I really want to find the music so that I can sing it for our church service. The words are: I found beauty in the valley....I have searched everywhere and can't find it..can you send me an email with that info? Thank you so much! EDITOR's NOTE: Sarah Schieber, Beauty in The Valley.
    Date: 29-Aug-2012
  • Rayna H.

  • Comment: I tried to send this message to you a few moments ago, and must have hit the wrong button (happens to me every now and then!)so I will try again and hope you aren't having to see it twice! I love your station,but only get it on my radio while we are at our beach house at OceanPark,Wa. Summer is coming to an end,and that is always hard to face for my husband and myself. We love to spend time at the beach, but find that difficult the rest of the year..just too busy here in Longview. This year it is even more of an adjustment because it means we are leaving you! Just wanted to let you know how much you have blessed us this summer, and wish there was some way you could ramp up your signal so we could listen to you on our radios in the house and in our cars. I will listen on my computor as much as I can. Keep up the wonderful programming, God bless you!
    Date: 29-Aug-2012
  • Sue H.

  • Comment: I am so thankful for KACS. I have such wonderful peaceful, christian music to listen to throughout the day. It keeps me centered on God, not my problems and keeps me worshipping him all day long.
    Date: 15-Aug-2012
  • Reba J,

  • Comment: Dear KACS, I listen to your station daily, on my way to work, at lunch time when possible and when I am on my way home. Your station is so uplifting and it keeps in check as well as in perspective from God's point of view. I truly appreciate your programs, music and the humor from the announcer in the late afternoon. I hope your station will continue to be on the air.
    Date: 28-Jun-2012
  • Barb & Zane .

  • Comment: do not know what we would do without this powerful ministry. Don't watch TV any longer - but listen to you all day long. Eagerly wait for Chuck Swindoll. Love the music - it strikes the cords in our hearts that Jesus has placed there....Oh Thank-you - and we thank God for this ministry and your faithfulness. Zane & Barb from Shelton, Wash.
    Date: 10-Apr-2012
  • Sean

  • Comment: Love this station, I feel more closer to God. Keep up the great work. I live on the east coast of Canada, I love the time difference, because I can get to hear programs at a good time. The music is awsome, too.
    Date: 01-Apr-2012
  • Bonnie

  • Comment: Thanks for all the music and for the very pleasant godly spirit we hear in the voices from your station. We are soon to be 79 and 80, and we have your station on most of the time. Bless you!
    Date: 09-Mar-2012
  • doug

  • Comment: Although I am no longer married, I am blessed by your various Christian talk shows: Focus on the Family; Family Life Today; New Life; plus shows like Insight For Living. I hope someday that the Lord will allow me the miracle, honor, privilege & blessing of being married again. And because of these programs, along w/my church family, Celebrate Recovery, classes like Love & Respect (& the speakers for that class were interviewed on those shows), etc., I have hope that I will do it right this time. But if I am not given that chance again, I know that others who are married, whether in good shape or struggling, maybe even on the verge of divorce, can find hope for healing & restoration because of your faithfulness to put these shows on. Thank you. GBY. Respectfully yours, doug
    Date: 06-Mar-2012
  • anonymous

  • Comment: After a minor fire at my workplace, I had some sleepless nights. Turning KACS on overnight and early morning to hear songs like "Tell Me Again" by Geoof Moore, and also hearing your informative 5:00 a.m. programs about, for example, the recent false prophecies by the man in California and Jesus' promised return, helped me relax and re-focus on life and how I witenss to fellow employees. You helped me in my witnessing to my co-workers where I work about the real return of Jesus, not the fake May 2011 "non-event"
    Date: 26-Feb-2012
  • EW

  • Comment: Thank you for all that you do in reaching out to others. I also want to thank you for the books, CD's, DVD's that I recieved. I have a large family with five daughters, and one son. I will soon have tweny-two granschildren, and have ten great- grandchildren. We will share and enjoy all the gifts you have sent my way. May God guide and help you as you continue to reach out and bless others. Thanks again.
    Date: 26-Feb-2012
  • Lorna

  • Comment: Dear KACS Friends. Thank you so much for the very nice music CD you recently sent to me. I have played it several times, and I really like it. "The Odes Project" from Haven of Rest. As I've told you before, my favorite music is like what you play on Saturdays and Sundays. I'm "old" and I like the "old" music! thanks again for your good, Godly station. LOVE your station, in Christ.
    Date: 26-Feb-2012
  • DR

  • Comment: Thank you for the blessings recieved from KACS. I wish I could do more to help with your storm repairs and back-up generator projects. I am sending a small gift, and hope my small share will help. EDITORS NOTE: Yes, DR, it has. Every gift counts, and yours is making a difference already. Now we hope others will join you in making the burden lighter.
    Date: 26-Feb-2012
  • Julia

  • Comment: Wanted you to know how much we enjoyed your Valntine's week contest, and thought you'd like to know we used a song at our wedding 10 years ago that we originally heard on KACS.
    Date: 26-Feb-2012
  • Doris

  • Comment: Cameron & Staff, just a quick note to thank you again for the blessings of having KACS on the air! We would like to thank everyone for the prayers on behalf of Pastor N., who underwent open heart surgery (triple by pass) a few days ago. He's doing remarkably well, coming home after just a week, feeling stronger each day. We praise the Lord for his strength & healing power. Pastor is anxious be be back in the groove of ministry again! We experience the amazing hand of the Lord in so many ways! We praise God for his mercy and faithfulness. God is so good. Thank you for sharing that with everyone. God belss you.
    Date: 26-Feb-2012
  • Centralia Listener

  • Comment: Where have you been? Just kidding. We know it was the snow and ice storm that took you off the air. We have been praying you would come back on. We missed the music and our kids wanted Adventures in Odyssey. (I guess they could have listened to it on line,but tuning it in on KACS is a bedtime tradition in our house!) We were so happy when we turned on the radio this morning to check, and found you back on air. Sad to hear bout the damaged equipment. We will both pray about and give a gift to help with your repairs.
    Date: 21-Jan-2012
  • Jami S.

  • Comment: just want to say great music, very calming and relaxing. big hello to cameron and his family from up here in the middle of the frozen Bering sea. NOTE: Listener on St. Lawrence Island in Alaska where Cameron was a missionary pastor many years ago.
    Date: 17-Jan-2012
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