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KACS offers a daily on-air Prayer Line with our listeners. We invite all our listening family to pray with you for your prayer need. Please share with us your first name, and the details you would like us to mention.

Please help us protect your privacy and comfort by only mentioning the information you want us to talk about. Please use your first name or initials only as your name will be shown beside your prayer request (or leave the name blank to remain anonymous). By filling out the form below and sending it to KACS you are requesting the station staff to share the request with the public. However, your private personal contact information is kept confidential. We DO NOT give out phone numbers or addresses from those requesting prayer. KACS reserves the right to refrain from airing certain prayer requests for ethical and legal reasons. We pray that God will be with our listeners everyday, and guide us all toward better living. Prayer requests of that kind of general nature are important, but we ask you to use the prayer line for more specific needs and concerns.

We also welcome the chance to pass along praise reports from our website friends. So let us know what God is doing for you. We'll be happy to celebrate it with you during our daily prayer time.

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