Welcome to our Donation Page
KACS is supported entirely by donations. We are a registered 501c3 Charity in Washington State, and we send donation receipts at the end of each month. This page is for making either monthly gift committments, or immediate one-time donations. To make a FAITH PROMISE to be fulfilled later, return to our homepage, and click on Faith Promise there.

TFN Club Sponsor (monthly & automatic)

Your Monthly TFN Membership is set up automatically through your credit/debit card or bank account, and is processed at the same time each month. No check writing required, and we do all the paperwork for you including a monthly receipt. You can revise, update or track your gift with just a phone call. This is the preferred method of support by most of our donors. Thank you for joining them.
$20 per month An hour of KACS broadcast ministry.
$32 per month "Dollar-a-Day" LAMPLIGHTER (pocket change each day) paying for 1.5 hours of KACS ministry.
$40 per month A straight two hours in the main drive time to share Jesus.
$50 per month Over two hours of studio time, and some of the required reporting and tracking.
$64 per month Almost three hours of music and talk feature ministry.
$75 per month 3.5 hours inspiring people on their way home.
$100 per month Nearly five hours of sharing hope in mid-day.
$200 per month Nearly ten hours to encourage overnight listeners.
$272 per month Half a day of reaching people for Jesus.
$540 per month One full day each month we can stamp "PAID IN FULL."
Other per month  

KACS Daysponsor

Your Daysponsorship covers the listener portion of expenses for an entire day of broadcast service. Sponsored days are marked "Paid in Full," freeing us to focus entirely on ministry that day. Each day sponsored requires $42 per month (or a one-time gift of $504). On the days you sponsor we share your message once every hour to honor birthdays, anniversaries, memoriams, and other special events. It is your day, with your message as a KACS Daysponsor! (some restrictions apply).
$540 one time to sponsor one day each year.
$1080 one time to sponsor two days each year.
$1620 one time to sponsor three days each year.
$2160 one time to sponsor four days each year.
$2700 one time to sponsor five days each year.

Monthly Donation Daysponsor Plan

$45 per month to sponsor one day each year.
$90 per month to sponsor two days each year.
$135 per month to sponsor three days each year.
$180 per month to sponsor four days each year.
$225 per month to sponsor five days each year.

KACS Life Changer

Your Life Changer gift of $100 per month or $1000 or more per year goes directly into the KACS operating outreach funds to make a positive difference in listener's daily lives. These larger contributions provide the staffing for prayer ministry, the announcers, community events and station publicity.
$100 per month to make positive changes in listener lives.
$200 per month to impact listeners in two dayparts.
$300 per month to change lives during the three daytime drives.
$400 per month to change lives in all four dayparts; morning, midday, evening and overnight.
$540 per month to cover one full day each month "Paid in Full."
Other per month   
$1000 one time this year to make positive changes in listener lives.
$2000 one time this year to make twice the impact on listener lives.

KACS Club 90 (Special for 1st-Time Donors)

A special "welcome to our family" option for fist-time partners. If this is your first donation to KACS, we want to send you a welcome pack including a program guide, the station newsletter, and gifts from the ministries and artists heard on KACS. This is a special opportunity only for our first-time contributors.
$20 "Coffee Can Club" - putting pocket change aside (perhaps in a coffee can) to support the ministry. Thank You!
$32 "Dollar-a-Day" LAMPLIGHTER for one month. Thank You!
$50 Thank You!
$64 "Dollar-a-Day" LAMPLIGHTER for two months. Thank You!
$100 Thank You!
$540 Daysponsor - providing one-full day of broadcasting.
Please make this a recurring monthly donation.

KACS Service Builder - Capital Projects

Service Builders help us with the physical needs of KACS. Your donation here goes directly into equipment upgrades, building new station facilities(KACW), and developing signal expansion projects to reach even more people with this ministry. Service Builders help us purchase the tools we use to create our radio and internet service. NOTE: Descriptions given provide examples of what your gift may help provide. Capital donations are processed through current station projects.
$50 "Nuts and Bolts" Thank You!
$100 "Wires and Cables" Thank You!
$200 "Circuits, Cards and Hard Drives" Thank You!
$500 "Computers, Mics and Monitors" Thank You!
$680 One monthly payment on current transmitter loan. THANK YOU!
$750 "Consulting and Engineering" Thank You!
$1000 "New Equipment Purchase or Upgrades". THANK YOU!
$2000 "New Site Research or Initial Installation." Thank You!
Other Every Gift helps equip KACS for greater ministry! Thank You!  
Please make this a recurring monthly donation.

Send the Stream & Power the Tower One-Time Gift Support

Here's your chance to keep the music and ministry going on line and at our FM stations with your immediate injection of resources. Your one-time gift will go directly toward the most pressing current needs of Family Friendly KACS. Thank you for helping us make a difference today!