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NOTE: Statement from the WA State COVID-19 Statistics Page:

(January 17, 2021) Negative test results data...are incomplete. Therefore, percent positivity and case counts should be interpreted with caution.

WA Dept. of Health Hotline 6am-10pm M-F 1-800-525-0127

NUMBERS AS OF August 12, 2021 **

Total Tested: 9,049,798                        Total Numbers Testing Positive: 457,657 

Population of WA State: 7.615 Million       Equiv. Percent of Population Tested: 119%

Percent of sample Testing Positive:  0.06%    Total Number of COVID-19 Related Deaths:  6,215

Percent Women:  48.9                                      Percent Women:  44.4

Percent Men:  48.3                                           Percent Men:  53.8

Percent over age 50:  27.3                               Percent over age 50:  94.4

Percent under age 50:  72.6                             Percent under age 50: 5.2

Patients in Hospital:  476    Patients in ICU/Ventilated:  63    Increase/Decrease:     -0.9% /1.05%

Mortality Rate of those testing positive: 1.2%

Number of Statewide COVID-19 Vaccine doses:  8,276,970     Equiv. Percent Population: 100.09%

*figures are statewide

NOTE: For comparison; DOH WA posts 114 influenza deaths for 2019-2020 flu season, with a death-rate of 1.2% among those contracting influenza in the season. DOH attributes virtually all of these deaths to pre-existing conditions combining with the flu.

**NOTE: Statistics from the Washington State Department of Health, and the Governor's/States DOH websites. Missing percentage points reflect "unknown" numbers not fitting the above categories.