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FREE Telephone Group Therapy Support Groups:

For anyone dealing with grief, anxiety, stress or depression during COVID-19, the counsellors at Abide Network offer you FREE weekly call-in support groups.  Sessions times are:  

Tues / Weds  4pm     Thurs  5pm     Sun  5am

To participate dial (712) 770-4010, Access code- 305624#
                                (Provided by our friends at Abide Network)

Does your family want to help stop COVID-19 and the spread of this pandemic? Here's how you can help starting now  COVID-19 Stops with Me

Have you recovered from COVID-19?  You can help prevent others from getting sick. Tell Me How I Can Help

Family Concerts, Connections, & Other Resources:

FREE FAMILY CONCERT: (pre-recorded)

Unite Against Poverty Concert  Join Compassion International and hosts including Tauren Wells, Carlos Whittaker, and Sadie Robertson Huff, and guests including Toby Mac, Hillsong Worship, CeCe Winans, Kirk Franklin, Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman and Matthew West. The 2-hr concert originally aired  Aug. 28 and is still posted for your family's viewing.

Unspoken Homeshow on-line for free!  A personal in-studio acoustic set free to view.

Selah    "Living Room" style on-line concert.  A 1-hour personal Selah studio concert free for viewing.

Shane & Shane "Friday Night" worship initiative album stream. Listen to the entire new album. Includes links to their free family devotionals.

Rend Collective new RendCoKids including "My Lighthouse" lyric and action video to play, move and sing along with; a series of kid videos and other resources.

WIlberforce Weekend Online Free resources. From Breakpoint as heard on KACS Mon - Fri. All this year's resources and speakers available online

Family Fun Activities:

(Various age groups)

Make Fall Tree Prints with Broccoli!

They might not like to eat it, but you might be able to get them to paint fall pictures to put on the fridge. Family fun idea with broccoli

Family Fun Dinner Party -- an idea from Focus on the Family (Focus on the Family each evening 8pm "Family Hour" with Family Life Today); missing the grandkids, or maybe just  good close friends, and cannot get together due to social distancing? Call or e-mail and invite them to a special dinner party. Pick out a menu of items you'd both usually share at a potluck, picnic, BBQ or dinner party meal; set the time and date, provide recipe cards for any dishes you need, dress for the meal as you would your usual get together, and turn on the video cameras at both tables as the meal begins.  Both families will have the same meal at both locations. There are multiple ways to share this one on one with your "guest" family including Google Duo, Apple's Facetime, Zoom, and Skype.  Have fun with it. 

Grandparents Storytime --  This one has a lot of potential. Grandpa and Grandma can connect through zoom, skype,  or other video links and share favorite stories from "way back when..." Share family history and stories of adventures when they were young, and some of the hardships they survived. It can be a great source of encouragement to younger children, and teens alike -- often grandparents can connect with the kids in ways parents cannot.  (For example, the KACS Manager's daughter's favorite grandma story is the night grandma walked home in the dark with a mountain lion!) Grandparents can also read books to younger children -- make sure they and the kids have the same book to follow along with.  Even pre-adolescent and teen kids will enjoy sharing stories this way if they have a part in choosing the stories.  Younger children can color pictures about the story to share with the grandparents. And for the older kids (your teens) have them take a turn a read a story to the grandparents.  All of these options can make for a treasured family connection each day.

Math can be fun? Well, it can be if you turn it into a game. This site has math based educational games for your digital devices and desktop computer. Be forewarned that there are mulitple ads on the site for other resources, but you don't have to click them.  MATH Can Be Fun


Make your own playclay  Make and craft all kinds of fun.  Take a pic or video clip of you and the kids making the clay, and some of your creations and e-mail KACS. Who knows, we may feature your crazy clay creations on the KACS Radio facebook page. This version requires the cooking ingredient cream of tartar powder. It makes the clay more elastic and helps it last longer.Ballon Powered Building Block Vehicles. You'll need building blocks (such as LEGO), wheels that match, and balloons.  Complete instructions at the Mom Brite website.  Lots of other good Stay at Home, Stay Healthy ideas at Mom Brite too.

Great Tips for COVID-19:

5 Ways to lower Your Stress and Improve Your Immune System at Home for Free!

1) Eat balanced nutritious meals regularly. (Eliminate sugars which can lower your immune system).

2) Get plenty of sleep.  Eight hours per night, and even the occasional nap can help you reduce stress.

3) Get daily exercise, even increase your physical activity over what you had before Stay at Home. It will help you feel better physically, and improve your circulation and state of mind all at the same time.

4) Get outside for fresh air and sunshine (when it isn't raining her in SW Washington!). Sunlight gives you a much needed mood boost, and feeds your body vitamin D which improves health and mood. 

5) Pray! Take the Stay at Home opportunity to start family devotional times. Start first thing in the morning with or before breakfast, and then again before supper or bedtime.  

5 Ways to Keep the Romance Alive while You're Staying Home 24/7*...

1) Agree from the outset that disputes will be settled quickly and reasonably. Write down a few basic specifics on how the two of you will resolve "differences" as they arise. (Everyone is prone to getting a little irritable when together 24/7 under the COVID-19 conditions).

2) Add an element of surprise. Think of something out of the ordinary or usual that you can do to please and surprise your spouse. Do something new each day...not for yourself, but for your spouse. Make something of a game of it trying to outdo each other on this one -- but don't keep score.

3) Pay attention to your spouse.  Find a time to purposefully "connect" everyday, and keep it as you would any other important appointment (medical, business, etc.). Allocate at least 20-minutes to nothing but letting your spouse talk about whatever is on their mind and heart -- and just listen. Answer or respond when they invite you to or ask.  Then, when they're done, it's your turn. The person who went first today, will go second tomorrow.

4) Check yourself.  When frustrations or stress is rising, be aware of it. Don't let it spill over onto your spouse.  Ask "is this really worth stressing over right now? Or would I be better off in the long run letting it go." You may also want to ask "is this situation really what I perceive it to be, or is there something wrong with my picture of it?" Think it through before reacting. Counselors remind us that a lot of stress and other emotions are a choice. Choose to stay positive.

5) Grow together spiritually every day. Are you praying together?  Are you reading God's word, the Bible together? There are tons of resources on-line to help you get started on a mutual devotional time each day.  We recommend beginning and ending your day together in that environment.  Reserve this time just for the two of you and Jesus -- not the kids, or other family members.  Family Life Today and Focus on the Family have suggestions and resources. Including private devotional times you'll discover a greater intimate connection with each other too.

*Thanks to Focus on the Family & Family Life Today for the 5-points above