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NEWS FLASH* -- As of May 27th Churches are allowed to reopen their in-person worship services and other gatherings so long as social distancing measures are adhered to. Complete guidelines for reopening your church available HERE.


"Hey, I just wanted you to know, how very important your broadcast is to me. I am one of those essential personnel, working in the mental health field. I wake up to prayer time with you, and you are always playing on my phone or radio all day. Thank you for reminding me every hour of the day where my power and protection comes from. God Bless, and keep up the good work!"

-- Healthcare worker, Michele



We are talking:

Hope instead of hype,

Assurance instead of anxiety,

Peace instead of panic, and

Faith instead of fear.  

Many are not able to give right now, and funds are urgently low. Will you please donate at least $20 right now as you're able on behalf of someone else who wishes they could. THANK YOU! (monthly support is needed).

Your KACS is doing all we can at the website, over the 7 FM signals and at our facebook page to help with the Coronavirus pandemic. We believe working together we'll beat this virus! Thank you for helping us stay in the fight, and work with you in providing facts, truth, peace and hope.

24/7 PRAYER REQUESTS: 800-447-5227 Can we Pray for You?

"Praise God for his inifinite mercy and grace. I'm so grateful for his forgiveness and love. I suffered a head injury and was in a coma. I have two metal plates now on my skull, but I'm alive. I woke to see my family members. My sister said, "Well, God isn't through with you yet, He must have a work for you to do." Praise the Lord. I may have been the 'chief of sinners,' but I'm forgiven. Keep sharing the good news of God's love. I'm so thankful."

-- Anonymous in Thurston Co.


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We are privileged to be serving together with you in Southwest Washington, and ministry around the world!  Our Listening Family is AWESOME!! And YOU are already part of the family. Thanks for helping KACS Share the Hope!

KACS Music Artists have caught the "2020 Vision"

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