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REMAINING NEED: $28464  RECIEVED: $46536  

TOTAL TO REACH By Dec. 31: $75000

Make your Faith Promise to fulfill in the months ahead. Give when God provides the resource to fulfill your intention.

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You may contact us at 800-447-5227, kacs@kacs.org and our KACS facebook page.

Lighting Up Western Washington

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We are working on several network system upgrades, and other parts of our network. While doing so we may have periods of interrupted FM service.  The KACS webstream "listen live" is working on this website, and in our free "Your KACS" app.  Download the app on this page. 

Please help KACS in our 32nd year of service --  2023 still providing hope! Thank you for helping today.  Please provide a gift of at least $20 right now.  Or make a gift toward building a new signal in western Washington! (Larger gifts are needed) All donations are tax-deductible!       

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Thanks if you are prayng for Your KACS, and for joining our support team with your donation today. If you haven't given in a while, please help.  Funds are needed. Thanks again for helping Your KACS!
Your generous monthly gift makes a big difference! Monthly support helps us plan,  meet expenses consistently, and budget for much needed signal projects.  Many choose to donate $40/month or more. Every gift helps complete the journey. Thanks now on behalf of those listeners who cannot give. Your'e a Hope Hero!

I love KACS.org! I especially enjoy Homecoming Radio Saturday evenings at 11pm my time. I’ve been listening to KACS.org for about a year. I would like to challenge other online only listeners to support KACS financially with their most generous donation!

Carlyle (an online-only listener)

I found this network this morning while I was feeling very down. Your KACS Station ignited the spirit within my soul. I was so uplifted. Thank you for helping me celebrate our Lord...

Bobbi (undisclosed location)

I love KACS, you are one of my favorite stations. Most stations all play the same music, so KACS excels in the mix of music provided, and in the DJ's personalities you have. I only recently found KACS, and already you've become one of the best sources for music (even compared to the big services like Pandora, Spotify and others). Keep up your good work! Thank you.

John in Michigan

"I want thank all the KACS listeners who give to provide this community service. Your ministry means everything to me. I am alone, estranged from the rest of my family. I have no local church to participate with yet. I keep KACS on all day long, and even at night. You're my constant companion and help. Thanks for helping me not feel so lonely."

-- Single female listener, Pacific County

"KACS has been a light in the darkness, and a constant source of hope to me during this pandemic. I've struggled with anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide. Now that I have KACS I know there's someone to turn to. Whenever the the darkness threatens to overwhelm I turn on KACS, and immediately start feeling better. Praise the Lord, and thank you!"

-- Anonymous male KACS Listener



Senior retirement man listen to music using headphone feeling happy in his home



We are talking:

Hope instead of hype,

Assurance instead of anxiety,

Peace instead of panic,

 and Faith instead of fear.  


Middle-aged woman listening to soothing music with headphones lying on her sofa. Female in her 50s


FREE Telephone Group Therapy Support Groups:

For anyone dealing with grief, anxiety, stress or depression, the counsellors at Abide Network offer you FREE weekly call-in support groups.  Sessions times are:   Tues / Weds  4pm  Thurs  5pm  Sun 5am  To participate dial 1(267)807-9611,  Access code- 305624#  (Provided by our friends at Abide Network)

Your KACS is doing all we can at the website, over the 7 FM signals and at our facebook page to help provide truth, peace and hope. Your generosity fuels the effort. Thank you!

                                              24/7 PRAYER REQUESTS 

 800-447-5227 Can we Pray for You?You are invited to our daily Prayer Circles Monday - Friday at 5:40 a.m., 12:35 p.m. and 11:25pm PST by listening live on the website, watching on Facebook


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Music Artists have caught the KACS Vision...

--Brooke Robertson     The Katinas     Mac Powell   Land of Color (Give Back story) Land of Color Invitation   Bryan Duncan Invitation


90.5 Olympia - Chehalis - Rochester - Yelm
90.1 KBSG Raymond & SW WA Coast
91.3 KACW South Bend & Raymond
97.9 - Packwood
102.3 Chehalis - Centralia
106.9 Aberdeen - Hoquiam
NEW! 106.5 Enumclaw and vicinity