Contests and Drawings:  

Welcome to the KACS Contest and Drawings form!                           (To just send an e-mail, return to homepage, click "contact us" in banner.)

You can use the following form to enter KACS contests and drawings. When you voluntarily provide your name, address and other personal contact information we may use it to also offer you opportunity to subscribe to our KACS E-Friends digital occasional newsletter.  Make sure to enter the name of the contest or drawing, the date and approximate time you were listening, and the contest codeword or answer as announced or published. Our standard contest rules are:

  • Enter on-line at with the Contest and Drawings entry blank. Fill in the entire form, including the appropriate codeword, or answer. The contest name for on-air contests is provided on-air.  Listener club contest names are provided either through regular mail or digital newsletters to club members. Some contests allow entry through the KACS App and Shout Out, but require the same information as used online in the contest form.
  • Codewords and/or trivia answers are heard at various times on-air during contest periods. At times we provide additional opportunities in our on-line listener membership club e-newsletters or by mail. Each separate instance on-air, in newsletters or by station generated direct mailing list mail provides an individual opportunity to enter. In combined contests (both on-air and in newsletters/mailing list) entries are drawn from all submitted to determine the individual prize winners (unless otherwise announced).
  • Hourly and Other Prize drawings:  Drawings include a specified response time or entry opportunity period.  Entries are accepted only during that specified response time; i.e. hourly drawings include entries received during the hour and/or up to the otherwise announced/published entry opportunity deadline (i.e. "entry number three"; "in the next hour;" "in the next 15-minutes," etc.).  Entry opportunities take the announced/published format;  trivia questions, multiple guess, name the tune, etc..

For weekly or other extended event (grand prize) drawings only: All entries received remain in the drawing through the final prize drawing up to the day and time of the announced or published deadline.

The deadlines for entry and the time for winners to be announced will be stated on-air for on-air contests, or in the listener newsletters/mail for off-air contests and participation. Prize winners are contacted by the station either by phone, e-mail or letter. Prizes are obtained by the winner either by picking them up at the station within an arranged time, or sent to the winner within an arranged time. Time and date of delivery is determined between the selected winner and station personnel as convenient for both parties.

  • The value of individual prizes are the going market retail value for such prizes.
  • The approximated value for prize packs are estimated based on the average retail market value for all prizes included in the prize package. The total value is announced and or published, on-air for on-air contests, or published in listener newsletters to listener clubs or mailing lists.
  • NOTE: If you have already entered and won a prize within the month, you are ineligible to enter to win a second prize regardless of the prize value or which contest/drawing you entered. The only exception is for weekly or extended period contests and drawings if/when entrants from daily prizes remain in the weekly or extended period contest or drawing. Such contests and drawings will be either posted on-line or announced on-air.  You may continue to enter the contest(s) or drawing(s), but your entry will be ineligible to win until the next month. The eligibility criteria is designed to allow as many of our listeners as possible to participate, and to share the opportunity for gifts and prizes with as many as possible.
  • In the event that no other new contest entrants are received for a particular prize, a previous winner may be given opportunity for the prize at the discretion of KACS staff through random selection.
  • KACS Staff members and their immediate family members are ineligible to participate.

Thank you for participating. 


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