We Love Our Volunteers!

We welcome your participation at KACS as a volunteer. Please fill in the information below, and let us know in the message area what your abilities and interests are that you feel will be useful to the KACS radio team.  When we have an opportunity for you, we will be in touch to make arrangements. THANK YOU!

To reach us, please fill out the form below.


Public Service Announcement Coordinator: Help Your KACS serve the community by contacting area churches, charities, Civic organizations, and Community Centers. The PSA Volunteer will look online for upcoming family-friendly events and activities for the KACS Community Calendar, and help post them to our website, and prepare PSA info for the announcers in the studios.  The volunteer will also help maintain and update a database of area church and charity contacts. Requires computer skills, proficient internet knowledge, being postive and pleasant while talking to various people on the phone, and availablity on a regular schedule of 6-10 hours per week preparing the announcements for the website and on-air use. Submit the Volunteer form here, and include "PSA Coordinator" in your message. 
Music Data Entry Volunteer: The volunteer will help enter music title and scheduler related information into the network's database. This information is used by our network's scheduler to create the logs for our broadcast schedule. We have a backlong of songs needing entered or updated for airplay. The volunteer can determine their own hours, and the position is short-term., but ciritical to the mission and service of KACS network. Thanks for offering your help today.