Name Subject Request
C. Son's Needs Pray for my son, R. he is under an enormous attack by Satan. He is living in a motor home and the power will not come on and stay on so he has no electricity or heat and now the lights on his truck went out and he is trying to figure out what is wrong.
TR OCD & Discernment I'm a female senior citizen who's struggled terribly for nearly 50 years with obsessive compulsive disorder. The pastor of a little church led me to the Lord Jesus in 1975, and my relationship with God is by far the most important part of my life. Recently, He's been leading me into a much deeper relationship with Him than I've ever known. Part of that includes dealing with the OCD, believed to be caused by the brain producing false/inaccurate messages. My prayer request is for wisdom and discernment in following His leading in this "new adventure" in my life. He is worth every minute if it, though it has some extremely difficult aspects. I just want to go where He wants to lead me!
Doug Friends Daughter Eyesight Update for prayer request for a friend of mine's daughter who was having visual problems. Her daughter A. was losing vision; Infection called Nocardia. They then started her on antibiotics. The last note I received last month said she was finally responding to the medication & starting to get her vision back. Hopefully by now it's restored, but I at least wanted to give you this update.
Susan daughter's surgery My Grand-daughter had major surgery in Sweden, and is doing well. Praise to God and Thanks for your prayers for the successful surgery for my granddaughter.
TR Growing in Jesus Thank you for your prayers as I seek to follow Jesus' leading in my "New Adventure" in my deepening relationship with Him, including dealing with longstanding OCD. The past 10 days, the path has been extremely rough and difficult. But my greatest desire is to continue to follow God anyway, though the way has been through darkness and much pain these recent days. PLEASE pray for me for wisdom, strength and discernment, step by step. Thank you so much.
Doug Grandson mysterious illness continues PRAYER AGAIN PLEASE! I asked for your prayers last week for my youngest grandson A. He hasn't fully recovered from whatever was ailing him. He's been running high fevers on & off. But now he's having great difficulty walking so they are taking him back to the ER right now. So please continue praying for him. Thank you & God bless you all. Sincerely, Doug
Craig Wife's Illness Needs Prayers Dear friends, it has been quite sometime since I've come before you requesting prayer. I used to be a regular listener but my schedule keeps me away from the KACS area. last night, Tuesday, I took my wife "C" into the hospital with a serious bladder infection that has now turned into sepsis. The doctors are concerned but are confident that it can be treated. Would you please join me in prayer before our LORD,that a healing take place in my wife's life. I know that you the KACS family are prayer warriors and I am grateful. God's richest blessings for your prayerful support.
Doug Grandson Update Hello again. Please say a prayer update for "A", he will see his Dr on Monday & they have him scheduled for allergy testing on Jan 28th. Although we don't know what's wrong yet, he is doing better & went to go sledding w his brothers & sister & mom & dad. So that's encouraging. He's walking better. Still not 100% but definitely mucho better than last weekend when they took him in to the hospital again. Thank you all very much for your continued prayers for him. I'll let you know what they find. Gby doug
D. Deliverance and Hope from criminal accusations I am fighting a really nasty and extremely hurtful conviction for a crime I did not commit. It has devastated my whole life for 5 years, including my self esteem, my standing in the community and my employability. I just finished a Master's degree, and I need to be able to use it to earn a living and use the gifts God has given me. This is my last chance to beat this. If I fail, it will plague the rest of my life. Please pray that the evidence I am presenting to the court is considered valid and relevant, that the judge recognizes it as proof that I did not commit this crime, and that the court doesn't find against me, because they have slippery loopholes that allow them to disregard my evidence. Please pray for justice and deliverance, for a tangible sign of hope and the peace that surpasses all understanding in the mean time. Thank you for your continued prayer over the next few weeks (possibly months depending on how long the court takes). I am innocent, and I just want my life back.
A. Healing for Mother's Mental Illness Please pray for my mother E. as she is suffering mental illness. Please pray for her total healing from this demonic oppression and that she be returned to her right state of mind. Please pray James 4:7 over her that she would submit herself therefore to God: Resist the devil, and he will flee from her. In Jesus Name, Amen
Doug Update on Grandson UPDATE ON THE LITTLE GUY "A". Well, all we know is that all his tests look normal. He's almost back to normal. So whatever it was he had has, by all appearances, "left the building!" So thank you everyone for your prayers. We're believing he's all healed. (Praise the Lord!)
Dotty Healing for Health Worker For 24 year old youth and health worker in Nigeria. He has helped many children and adults by setting up health clinics in the rural areas of Kaduna State. Now he himself has been sick for almost 4 months without a specific diagnosis. It could be a form of TB or it could be cancer. Please pray for an accurate diagnosis and successful treatment plan. Perhaps a miracle is needed.
Doug Best Friend's Health For my longest known best friend back home in WI. The last I spoke w/him he said the doctors wanted to do some cardiac bypass surgery. He didn't know when. He hasn't responded to text msgs, messenger or phone call. Please keep him in your prayers. I'm going to try & call some other friends back there. I'll keep you posted when I hear anything. Thanx.
D Praise the Lord and futher Prayers I wanted to let you know that you were praying for my digestive tests and PTL they all came back normal! Thank you so much. The bad news is I have now gotten a new lab result for liver that is extremely worrisome and I'm scared to death. Would very much appreciate prayers they find that level not to be anything and that I don't have any problems with my liver also. Thank you so much.
Anonymous Brain Surgery Valentine's Day The husband of my friend M. is having brain surgery discovered just after his mother died. Surgery is this Thursday February 14 in Seattle at about 5 a.m. He is a goodly and Godly man which this world needs. M. needs strength and comfort.
Jesse Needing a Church to belong to I need help finding a church with a discipleship focus, and also a church family to belong to. It's been a long time since I've belonged to a church. I live in Tenino.
Dina Health and Finances with overdue bills I need a breakthrough in my health and finances. I need clients for my small business of house cleaning and childcare. I had applied to another job starting before Christmas and still no doors have been open. I'm behind paying my bills because I don't have money to pay for them.
Vicki Successful Brain Surgery Praise report: D. had brain surgery last Thursday. He is now in the recovery phase. Thank God for arranging surgery at UW and working with the surgeons and staff. Everyone is exhausted but strengthened by your prayers. Thank you! and Thank GOD!
D Praise Report: Medical Test Results I wanted to give a final update on the health issues I have been requesting prayer for in the last month or so. After many tests (many of which revealed new things to test and be worried about ) I just talked to my Dr and although we were convinced I must have at least one if not several of these suspected conditions, ALL of my results except one came back NEGATIVE!!! And the one that didn't was the least worrisome of what it could have been and is quite treatable. Even the Dr was very surprised and happy to be able to give me such good news. His only expalantion is multiple false positives on the tests but all of the glory and credit goes to GOD and the wonderful prayers! I can't thank you enough for them, it made all of the difference in the world. I would like to still ask for prayers for me and my little girl both with our stomach issues which are still there I pray we can finally get some resolve and relief from them and get our lives back. But it's a true miracle that my other tests have all come back normal. It's been a very scary month. Praise God! And thank you again!
A. Babies to be born safe and healthy For Chromosomes 49, 50, and 51 to be present in the DNA sequence of the of K's unborn twin boys. That they will NOT have muscular dystrophy, and never will. That the deformity will be wiped from K’s bloodline/DNA so that future generations will not be impacted. The babies are due at towards the end of June.
Mike Renewed relationship with Jesus Please pray for me, for a new relationship, fresh start, re-dedication, full restoration, full deliverance in the Lord Jesus. Thank you!! Mike
Renee Need Mold-free RV and work. Hello please pray for me. I'm on disability. I need housing help. I live in a black molded travel trailer I need a home on wheels. I have a lot leased for it. I need a reliable car desperately. And I need a live in job in home care cleaning, pet care, property sit and care long term. My client offered a year ago please place it on his heart to do so. And I need help doing the resume. These things in Gods will
K. Family separation All three children are alienated from their mother by their father. Thank you tonight between 8:00 and 8:30pm (Family Life Today) for your discussion on "adulting 101" etc. I left voicemails on my children's # where it recorded your discussion!! Loved it!! Thank you for saying a bit of what everyone needs to hear. It's been several years since divorce. Father refusing to co-parent, he is unbeliever, and tells the children I psychologically abuse them since I am a believer. Please pray for my children who say they don't need me in their life anymore. Heartbreaking, but I know God has a plan for me, so I am moving forward. But I do wish things could iron out with my children sooner rather than later. My children enter high school next school year. Please pray for them (they we're baptized when younger). Thank you for your program I was able to catch on my way home tonight, and was able to capture it via speaker on my cell, on their voicemail.
Anonymous Neice's recovery from abuse Pray for my niece whose husband nearly killed her due to drug use. He will be (has been following this posting) in front of a judge for sentencing. Pray God's mercy, peace and forgiveness for all involved.
J. Dating and romance Dear Friends, Brothers, and Sisters, I hope with all my heart, that you can please, pray for me. The reason being is that my Love Life is an absolute train wreck. I am 24 years old, and I have never had a girlfriend. I am so tired of losing in the game of Love. I want more than anything to finally win the heart of the girl for once, just once, to finally win the girl. I really like this girl I met. Her name is M. and she likes me too. This is great news because this means that I have a chance with her, but I am not the only competition. She is out of my league and I do not have the smoothest game. I hope with all my heart that I have not made any mistakes that are too bad between her and myself. That everything will work out between us. That we can and will be together. And that it will all happen soon. I hope with all my heart, that all this pain I have had to go through, was just a test by God to see if my feelings for her were genuine, real, and sincere. I am not perfect, but I hope with all my heart, that I have been a good enough person, a nice enough person, and a generous enough person, to have finally earned the right to be happy too. I am asking you because I really need your help. Please, pray for me. Pray that I finally win the girl, this girl M, in this game of Love. Sincerely, J
D Daughter's need for healing Asking for further prayers for my little girl with digestive issues. She has gotten worse and is receiving comprehensive treatment right now. Am praying this is the miracle we so badly need very worried. Thank you!
anonymous "M" and her three girls, for more faith, love, hope, peace, power and growth. Salvation for their father. For me, car repairs.
Cindy Sister needs miracle of healing from kidney disease My sister, C., has been diagnosed with advanced kidney and liver disease. She is 57 and lives out of state. I believe in God’s healing power and am praying for a miracle for her. Thank you!
S. Grandchildren's living conditions and to know Jesus Protection for grandchildren who are living in an unstable situation. We also plead for their salvation.
BW Prayers for girlfriend My friend M., we met new years eve at church and fell in love. She is having a hard time letting go of the past. Her husband passed away 4 years ago and she is confused and weeping feeling guilty for loving someone else. I never thought I would love like this, she is blind and i am willing to lay my life down for her. Pray for the confusion to stop. Thank you
Li Keeping job and opportunity to witness Prayer request : Sorry, please pray that I do not lose my job in the Administration Wing, and to preach the gospel in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.
anonymous Wife's recent brain tumor diagnosis Please pray for my wife. She has a tumor on the right side of her brain. We do not know yet if its benign or malignant. She has been referred to a neurosurgeon for next steps. No appointment date has been set yet.
anonymous Wife's tumor Update - My wife's 2nd MRI revealed a Vestibular schwannoma. It is not big enough for surgical removal as per her doctor. She has an appointment with an Ear Nose and Throat doctor coming up next month and an appointment with her neurologist at the end of June
G. Son needing deliverance Our son has been involved in online demonic games, and wants to move out to live on his own. He’s stopped going to church, praying since these years now. My heart has sunk for him turning away from God. I’ve been praying for him, but not so hard until last night when I was on my knees leaving him under Jesus feet and in His hands. I appreciate it if you could join me and pray for God by His power to cast demon spirit and Satan's attack from our son. Thank you and God’s blessings to all of you. Love in Christ
D. Grandson being rebellious and needing rehab Pray for our grandson J. who lives w/us to be free of drug addictions & bipolarism. He is mean to us & we're elderly & sickly. He steals from us & has always been selfish. His family doesn't want him.
B. Guidance for my family and I Please pray the Lord will show me where I need healing in my heart and soul so that I can become all that Jesus wants me to become for His glory. May the Lord open another door quickly according to His will and that He will speak into my life through His Word and through a strong, Holy Spirit anointing person, as to what He wants to do or where He wants me and my family to go. That He would make it unquestionably clear and that He would fill me with His Holy Spirit and direct me according to His will. I need a Word from Him and may He open that door should it be His will to do so.
Anonymous Woman needing liver transplant Betty is on a list for a liver transplant. She has developed swelling in feet and calves. She is becoming incoherent and forgetful. Husband is requesting prayer as she is now admitted to hospital. Thank you.
Doug Friend's mother grieving UPDATE on man we prayed for earlier who had lost his legs due to diabetes. He passed away. Thank you for your continued prayers for his mother who's 90 or so.
L. Neice needs prayers over open heart surgery. Neice has blood infection needs a new valve she is a young lady and has had several open heart surgeries, her last one about 10 years ago,she Almost didn't make it, she loves the Lord and loves to tell people what he has done for her.. .. they may do the surgery as soon as next week ... Thank you so much for all you do...
S. Y. Family members need healing Greetings I am sending prayer requests for my family members who are suffering from sickness. My mom S. is fighting with stomach disease from last 3 years. My younger daughter P. please pray for stomach, chest and twist in her right leg. She is 1-&-half years old. My elder daughter A. is suffering from cough. My sister's son R. is also sick & has motion problem. My sister M. suffering from cough, flu & fatigue.
Anonymous Bible teacher / ministry leader recovery from adultery I am Bible teacher but my teaching ministry has stopped. I am in crucial situation. I have been under adultery curse -- 11 years of sin -- which disturbs me. I am joining new church after 11 years fellowship of previous church. Do pray for their healing and my spiritual growth.
D Daughter diagnosed with stomach issues Need continued prayers for my little girl with IBD stomach issues. Please pray for complete remission and symptom relief.
Doug Little boy Everest with Brain Injury Here's the latest update on the little boy Everest: "UPDATE Mon 5/6: There has been little change with Everest over the weekend. His heart rate fluctuates occasionally but is seems to be mostly steady. Docs say it’s still due to the swelling on the brain putting pressure on the brain stem. We see other evidence of the swelling as well (his pupils aren’t the same size, his eyes don’t point the same direction, etc). His other stats look good. He is not breathing on his own at all at this time and is fully supported by the ventilator. We are currently in a waiting pattern: waiting for the swelling to go down so they can see what his body is able to do on its own. This could take some time to happen....possibly a couple weeks or more. There is no change in the brain function...only the brain stem has any activity in it. I encourage everyone to keep praying. Don’t forget about him and his beautiful parents. In situations like this everyone rallies at the beginning and then the support tends to taper off as we all have to manage our own responsibilities in life. It’s a natural process but they still need us so much. Thank you all for continuing to pray and for all of the love you are sending our way." Thank you for your continued prayers.
K Multiple concerns Pray for Our Country the United States of America to humble ourselves and turn to god. Pray for our Grandmother L’s families and friends for strength and comfort in their time of need. Pray for Israel and the Jewish people Pray for the family of Rabbi Y. E. For strength and comfort. . Pray for peace and comfort during this difficult time. Pray for my family and for those who are sick for healing. Pray for my mother and my father and their health, deliverance from alcohol addiction and needs. Pray for my older sister and her husband, pray for her two daughters and three sons. Pray for my nephew who is having suicidal thoughts for peace in his life. Pray for my little sister and her friend. Prayer for my brother for deliverance from any addiction and salvation, and pray for his girlfriend and his two baby sons for hedge of protection. . Pray for my relationship with my next door neighbor for our relationship to grow stronger and better than it has ever been. Help us draw closer together than ever before. Pray that we won't break apart for our love to be better than ever and her behavior and choices. Also pray for a miracle for our relationship and our love to be more intimate. Pray for how my neighbor has treated me and how to love me more than before. Pray that nothing and no one will tear us apart. Pray for pulling down the strongholds and soul ties in her life. Stop all the wrongful and hurtful things that have been destroying our relationship. Set my neighbor free from the world of the enemy, from bad company and influences, from soul ties, and the things of the world. Pray that my neighbor won’t leave me and to bring us together each day. Pray for restoration of what we had together and to bring our hearts together. Pray for my neighbor and her whole family for deliverance from any wickedness and rebellion, salvation also draws closer together to do things the godly way. Pray for my neighbor's brother, cousins, and others. Pray for the children and teenagers at the school and in community that come from a dysfunctional for deliverance from wickedness and rebellion. Pray for salvation family members for deliverance for addiction and to turn their life around. Pray for Myself. Bless all the loving couples.
Andrew Need Hope and Opportunity for work I need a miracle. Got laid off before Christmas. Hung in there to now. I need a real architectural job or design commissions with good fees/deposits. NOW. I need deliverance. Running on fumes and vapors, spiritually, emotionally and financially. Hope is extinguished. Why Try?
Trudy Physical healing of multiple maladies & finances to cover costs Pleading for healing prayers: 1. Complete restoration of my right arm/hand & right ankle/feet bc of a stroke I suffered 5 years ago at the age of 48. 2. COMPLETE restoration from colon surgery I had March 2nd, 2018 bc of a rare, hereditary form of colon cancer. That has resulted in endless complications & hospitalizations & being nearly bedridden. 3. Financial relief from the debt I’ve incurred as a result of all my health issues. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH
Li Keeping Administration Dept. Job, and sharing the gospel Sorry, please pray for that not to lost my job in the Administration Wing to preach the gospel in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, A-men.
Patrick Neck pain related symptoms and healing Please pray for full restoration for me. I saw a chiropractor he must of pinched a nerve in my neck, ever since that incident I have not felt the same. Please pray for a speedy recovery and total restoration for me in Jesus name. thank you God bless you!
Doug baby E. needs miracle (reposted from social medai thread): "E’s extubation (removal of his breathing tube) is happening at 3:00pm today. Yesterday his eyes began tracking, which is new. He hadn’t looked at us in two weeks until yesterday. But we can see his eyes following us when we talk to him, and we know that he sees us. Our baby sees us. His arms and legs are also moving beyond just posturing, and his movements have become more intentional and responsive. Our doctor told us that these movements and progress mean that more than just his brain stem is working (we had previously been told that only his brain stem was undamaged), and his cerebral cortex is functional to some degree. This means that he may eventually walk, talk, be able to lead a somewhat ‘normal’ life. His doctor is optimistic that he will be able to breathe and swallow on his own, and that alone is a big deal. There are still a lot of unknowns. He may not breathe on his own, he may need a tracheotomy and g tube, he may go home and then stop breathing on his own. But we are cautiously hopeful. Keep praying, keep sending your love. We can see that he is doing his very best to come back to us. He is so strong, and fighting so so hard." UPDATE: the ventilator tube has been removed and E. is breathing well on his own! His stats are stable and they are continued suction the mucus. The next couple days will be lots of monitoring his breathing. Clearing the lungs, testing his suck and swallow ability. PLEASE these next few days are vital! Pray for these things to continue to heal. Pray for his breathing to remain stable and steady. Pray for the brain to be restored!! We pray for full restoration!!"
L KC Needs Miracle for Heart, Liver and Kidneys Kaci Lynn C. needs a miracle heart liver and kidney healing. She needs a new heart but because of the 9 other open heart surgeries she has to much scar tissue.. she loves Jesus and is excited to be with him but if it is his will she would love to be here on Earth a little later longer... She is not awake from surgery on Monday, but has some complications with a brain bleed and liver and kidneys, so we are praying for miracles, we are so grateful to hear about the little guy and they believe he has Brain activity, Praise God...
Doug Baby Everest update -- moving more, breathing better Everest update: Since having his breathing tube removed, Evie has been steadily making slow progress. He doesn’t need oxygen anymore, his lungs sound better every day, his posturing is less, and his eyes seem to be getting better at focusing. He’s still not able to make any noise beyond raspy breathing, he can move his arms up and down, his eyes are dis-conjugated, his legs are very stiff, and he has a curvature if his spine from muscle confusion. He can breathe on his own and has the sucking reflex, but we’re not sure yet if he is able to swallow or gag. We’ll be meeting with a speech therapist to see if he seems to have the swallow or gag reflex at all. For now he’s still using a feeding tube, and may eventually need surgery for a permanent g tube if he can’t develop the swallow/gag reflexes. He’s being given a muscle relaxer to help with the posturing, and to try and prevent muscle atrophy. He will also be getting braces for his legs. Today he’s having an EEG to monitor his brain activity, and it’ll be another 3-6 months before he has another MRI. For the foreseeable future he’ll be needing lots of speech therapy and physical therapy. We’re being taught by the nurses here how to take care of him at home and help his little body recover as well as possible. Our lives are going to be very different after this. It’s been seventeen days since we saw his smile, or heard his sweet little noises, or got to enjoy his lovey personality. We miss the Evie we know, the Evie who is trapped somewhere in there trying to get out. We’re going to do everything in our power to help our amazing boy come back to us fully."
Jennifer PRAISE REPORT: Healing in Marriage, Guidance for Home Purchase Praise God with me for answer to prayers regarding healing in our marriage. Please lift us up as The LORD leads when He puts us on your hearts. Please ask that He lead us to the house He knows will be the best home for our family and to close the doors of anny we are not supposed to purchase. Thank you all soooooooo much!
L. Misunderstanding with Boyfriend Please keep me and my boyfriend in prayers; we had a misunderstanding and we need lots of prayers to restore our relationship.
Brian Anxiety and Worry -- Seeking God's Direction Pray for a new job new beginning, God would make me strong and willing to go his way and not my own.
R. Please pray that my marriage be strong and unconditional and faithful love. No evil or outside force could come in my marriage. And my husband would be faithful and proud to be married and faithful in this walk
Anonymous Broken Mom feeling abandoned and blamed I am requesting this prayer because I am in dire need of help. I had requested a prayer once before just recently because I was worried about my family and my grandbaby and me being homeless. We are still hoping we can get help but now I'm just being emotionally abused by my family. I was trying my best to do what I could for them and I guess it wasn't good enough, and they are putting me down verbally, just hurting my feelings telling me that our problems are all my fault they say going to move and get own place (which is fine by me). I have no place to go, no way of getting an apartment/house or anything because I don't have a co-signer because of what happened in my past with my ex-husband. I don't know what to do anymore. One minute I feel like I'm trying to fight for my family and the next minute my family turns against me and I don't know why. My life keeps getting worse and worse, and I don't think I can deal with it any longer. I really don't I don't know what to do. I don't know why I'm the one that's always being emotionally abused; always to be blamed no matter what I do or how hard I try. It seems like no one or nothing is going to be able to help me out of this hole, even my family for whom I have been fighting to get help for. They now are blaming me. Once again i am the one who gets hurt. My pain is just too much. I feel so sad and alone, more so then ever before. I don't know why??? I have nobody, no one, and I guess when you're told that you're nothing you start believing that you are nothing. I guess i am really worthless. I'm just hoping someone will pray for me and maybe can find me some sort of resources to help me. I'm on Social Security I don't know what else to do. Thank you for at least taking time to read.
S. Friend in Hawaiian Hospital with 2nd Degree Burns D. is in a Honolulu hospital as a result of second degree burns obtained from a hot beverage. Please pray that she will be free from infection, that the healing is complete, and that the Lord will provide the support, assistance, and financial coverage as needed during this healing process. Thank you!!
Anonymous Woman needing guidance in work and relationship I have this really good friend and I blew the chances of us having a chance together. I pray that we have a second chance because we get along so well and he knows me better than I know myself sometimes. The problem is that he lives across the country. I need this second chance to visit him and see if there is anything there or if I should let it go. I need God to help me with this request. Part of me fears that I may actually have deeper feelings than I'd like to admit, but can't even look into them not knowing. I have had relationships where I get to know a man, but then he goes away without another word. It makes me feel worthless or not "good enough," or like I just imagined it all. I'm really struggling, and don't want another "what if?" So please pray for me, asking the Lord that I receive this second chance so I can continue my walk. I need this help as I feel alone sometimes. I feel like God isn't listening, even though I know he is, but it feels like I'm alone in this world (since I moved to a brand new place 2 years ago for a job that I don't love). I'm pleading for this opportunity to feel and see his work. Please help me with prayer. I'm struggling so bad because if there is chance this man will be apart of my future, then I should look into jobs by him not somewhere else. I'm looking for this career change already but I want to know if I have a future with this Godly man. I feel so lost and alone here. This man makes me happy, and truly myself, which I haven't felt in a very long time. I need this to either help me have happiness by getting close to him through the Lord, or finally have closure. Please keep praying for me, I can't keep going through this life feeling all this pain and loneliness.
Keijo Pray for gospel among Finnish poeple, and testimony in Sweden Help and pray for S's salvation. With my Finnish people to find Christ, and for my victory against deception. Thanks and bless.
Craig Healing and Guidance I bring 2 requests this evening. First off, D., an 83 year old gentleman is battling very serious heart and kidney issues that required emergency hospitalization on Tuesday. I also ask for GOD'S favor for a business associate who is nearing completion of a large business dealing. He is a man of GOD, also seeking GOD'S direction and favor. On behalf of these 2 requests, I give my heartfelt thanks.
Doug relative -- US Army Veteran -- with bone cancer My oldest son Dan's sister-in-law's husband Lee is s an Army veteran who saw action in the Middle East. He was medically discharged bc of his knees & feet among. He was recently diagnosed with cancer in the bone around his knee. I don't know if it's related to exposure to anything over there; a number of Veterans have returned from there w/various reports of odd conditions & symptoms. I told him that although I don't know God's plan for him, I knew that his cancer didn't take God by surprise. God's plans are always for good & not for bad. Thank you.
Doug UPDATE: Brother-in-law bone cancer For my daughter-in-law's brother-in-law L. who was diagnosed w/bone cancer. They cut open his knee or leg to do surgery & found he was completely clear. NO SIGN OF CANCER ANYWHERE! PRAISE GOD! His father-in-law R. is a Hispanic pastor who has been ministering to him to trust the Lord. God is faithful! Thank you for your prayers
Doug Prayers for on-line "Friend" dealing with cancer For a man I met online shopping. I'll just past what he sent me: "I have stage 3 colorectal cancer. I completed 8 months of chemo which began last August and then I had had 28 rounds of radiation which I just recently finished. I am having surgery to remove an 8 cm T4 tumor on August 7th. The surgery is being done with a robot, but the surgeon said I am more than likely going to live with a permanent bag. I may also have prostate cancer but the colon cancer hasn't spread to the liver or lungs as far as we know. I just got denied a PET scan from the insurance company and I haven't had one in several months. That means I will end up getting a CT scan instead and hopefully, nothing has spread. I don't know when that scan is yet. Thank you for the prayers -- M." Thank you again for your prayers for this man & others.
KJ Needing dental help on a low budget Needing lower denture replaced. Applied for help through local University dental school, but appointments are granted by lottery system. Pls pray God's favor for appointment to get replacement denture or to find lost denture. Pls pray; on strict budget, local dental providers are EXPENSIVE for denture replacement. Avoiding all conversations with coworkers due to no LOWER denture.
D Husband's cancer tests pending Please, please, pray for healing from cancer for my husband. doing test next week. pray it has not spread..thank u
anonymous Custody issues stemming from abusive relationship Pray for divorced wife seeing custody of son and daughter due to ex-husband's abusive behavior. Children are struggling with emotional issues related to the circumstances. Pray healing and good outcome for the children, and healing and guidance for the mother in the custody process, and for God's influence over those involved in court and Child Protective Services.
Paul Hazardous Material Removed From Home UPDATE: Asbestos removal has been completed and all went well, even though unexpected issues arose during the removal that revealed further work to be done prior to proceeding with the originally planned project. Thank you for prayers AND the removal crew actually reduced the fee by $500!
LC Health, Healing and Happiness Please pray for me and my family. I have depression diabetes and thyroid and high blood pressure I'm on disability suffering a hardship with my rent and utilities bills. please pray for God to bless me with a financial blessing and a victory and favor.i know nothing is in possible for God.pray that my Lord Jesus Christ touch my life with healing and strength and peace harmony and forgiveness and send angles and a miracle. amen
anonymous Praise for sister's healing Praise for saving my niece K's life, she wasn't supposed to live,but now we are praying for another health issue that has affected her stomach, she also needs a heart transplant, possibly 5 to 10 years. Her miracle surgery gave her some more time. Thank you so much, The prayers mean a lot,the most powerful thing we can do
Chris Miracle Healing -- No Cancer! Thank you much for the prayers. We have a huge praise to report! Today I saw my surgeon for a follow-up appointment, and to get the final pathology report. From the beginning we knew there was a 90% chance the tumor would be cancer, but after the surgery our hopes of "no cancer" dwindled even more as the doctor described the tumor, and shared his opinion that it was indeed cancer. So, we had resigned ourselves to that news, and had come to accept cancer, most likely renal cell cancer. Today to our surprise as well as the surgeon's the tumor turned out to be a renal "oncocytoma" - basically in short NOT cancer. The doctor said it acts like a malignant tumor because of how it grows, and that it had to come out (which is why they performed the surgery), but it turned out to fool us all in that it was not cancer. Praise God!!! I am not sure the news has really sunk in yet, but we are praising God and are "over the moon"! Thanks again.


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