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KACS offers a daily on-air Prayer Circle with our listeners.  Prayer requests are accepted on the KACS Prayer Line anytime 24-hrs. a day.  We pray that God will be with our listeners everyday, and that God will guide us all toward better living. Prayer requests of a general nature are important, but we ask you to use the prayer line only for your specific personal needs and concerns.

We invite all our listening family to pray with you. Please share with us ONLY your first name or initials, and the details you would like us to mention. We also welcome the chance to pass along praise reports. Let us know how God has answered your prayer needs. Sharing your answered prayer story encourages others. We'll be happy to celebrate it with you during our daily prayer time 5:40am, 12:30pm, 11:30pm PST.  Please help us protect your privacy and comfort by only mentioning the information you want us to talk about. We respect your privacy, and your name is used only for our response to you. You may also be given the opportunity to subscribe to our E-friends occasional newsletter. 

In the Prayer "Request" box please use only your first name or initials to be shared with your prayer request (or leave out your name to remain anonymous). Also, in your request use only the names of people you have permission to mention.
 It is best if you refer instead to their relationship to you; i.e. spouse, son, daughter, parent, friend, co-worker, etc.

By filling out the form below and sending it to KACS you are requesting the station staff to share the information with the public. However, your private personal contact information is kept confidential. We DO NOT give out phone numbers, addresses, or other personal contact details from those requesting prayer. And again, you may also be given opportunity to subscribe to our E-Friends listener newsletter.  KACS reserves the right to refrain from airing and/or posting certain prayer requests for ethical and legal reasons.

PLEASE do not submit multiple copies of the same prayer request. They will be deleted and treated as spam messages.

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