Sitting at Jesus' Feet

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Acquaint now thyself with him, and be at peace. Job 22:21.

Jesus cast seven devils out of Mary of Magdala. Seven times He worked in her behalf, but finally, one day, she learned the secret of righteousness by faith. It was the experience that being with Him produces, and He must have helped her to find it out. What is the secret? It is in sitting at the feet of Jesus, even when Jesus isn’t in town. Is that possible? Yes, it is. And when Mary learned that, she began to go to her own knees with strong prayers, seeking communion with the Father each day, growing in a relationship with Him. And things began to get better. Why? Because as Jesus comes in, sin is crowded out. There’s no point in trying to stamp it out ourselves; it will never work that way. It happens only by Jesus coming in, for our weaknesses are then surmounted by His power. That’s why Jesus accepts people just as they are. Only He can make the changes. If we look at our sins, we’ll become more like them, but if we behold Christ, we’ll become like Him. Mary learned that rather than dwelling on her sins and her failures, she should concentrate on God’s love.

Things got so much better for Mary, there in Magdala, where she was living, that she began to get up new hopes about going home to Bethany again. Maybe they would accept her now. It would be nice to see Martha and Lazarus again. She packed up her things, and headed back up to the top of the mountain to Bethany.

There was a beautiful reunion between Mary and Martha and Lazarus. But the people in the town were the same kind of people. Some said, “Good, Mary’s back!” But more of them said, “Watch out for Mary!” How did Mary succeed in not letting the gossip get her down? How did she manage to retain her peace of mind?

Jesus had taught her the secret—that communication with God each day would bring her power over her problems and worries. How could she communicate with God even when Jesus wasn’t in town? Through the same way we can today, by a meaningful devotional time of Bible study and prayer, talking with God and listening to Him, and then sharing with others.

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