By Beholding We Become Changed....So What Are You Looking At?

The morning I shared this, Cherrie Adams was singing "Fairest Lord Jesus" over the KACS network. While listening to her sing, the phrase "by beholding we become changed" came to mind.  I don't recall the specific title of the story, if it was a short story or a novella, but I do remember way back in the day when I was in college having to read it.  In the story the main character has a portrait of himself in his home. While the portrait seems to age and take on the bruises, scars wounds and burdens of life, the main character does not. He seems to remain forever young, unaffected by all of the things that impact his life and all that goes on around him. Wouldn't it be nice if you and I could offload the pain, stress,  anger and worries of life into a digital picture of ourselves on the computer screen, and let that cyberspace replica worry itself over it all! But other than in fiction and fantasy that's not going to happen for us. There are clinical studies that show the things we "behold" and put into our brains do effect and even change us. You may remember Mom telling you "It's all about the company you keep, be careful about the friends you choose to spend your time with." The scriptures go beyond that telling us to constantly seek Jesus, and make Him the focus of our lives every day.  The Apostle Paul writes, "Now all of us, with our faces unveiled, reflect the glory of the Lord as if we are mirrors; and so we are being transformed, metamorphosed, into His same image from one radiance of glory to another, just as the Spirit of the Lord accomplishes it." (2 Corinthians 3:18 The Voice paraphrase) I cannot make the picture change. Nope, I keep getting a little more gray in my hair, and get an extra line or two on my face as the years pass; but at the same time I can reflect Jesus and let him transform who I am. The scriptures encourage us to "behold" and think on these things. -- Cameron Beierle Sr. ; General Manager KACS Network