Friendship & Hope -- Will you share both today?


Friendship & Hope

When I asked a dozen people lately to describe in one-word what they think is most needed right now the most common response was "hope." I hope (pardon the pun) that many of our KACS listening family will become part of the KACS Support Team to keep sharing hope every day on-air, and out in the community through the charities, events and programs we regualry promote and provide.

How much hope can you spare today?...

"God has chosen to make known...Christ in you, the hope of glory."   (Colossians 1:27 paraphrase)

Another friend of mine and I were talking not long ago about all the needs and issues around us. He said, "I think we could all stand to give a little more -- more of ourselves, and our resources -- and if we all did, just think of what a difference we could make." Perhaps he is right. What if we all did with even a little bit less for ourselves, and a little more for Jesus and others?

I am humbly and deeply grateful to one gentleman who regularly drops in to the KACS studios to give his cash donation. I know he's getting by on a very frugal and thin budget. He lives humbly in a borrowed mobile home. He volunteers at other charities, and lives alone. He doesn't have much. But what he has, he shares. Almost everytime when I thank him for his sacrificial gift he just shakes my hand, smiles and says, "it's all God's money anyway. I'm just returning it to Him."

Here's a chance for the rest of us. Thank you for helping Your KACS Network to share hope by donating today at or 800-447-5227. Any donation will help. We are praying for several special people to make "Challenge Invitation" donations to invite others to join in with the support team before May 17th.  You'll be motivating others to help too.